New app Capsll launches today, allowing users to create digital time ‘capslls’ to preserve their memories

Capsll, Inc., developers of a new app that allows users to securely gather and save memories from across digital media so they can tell their life stories, is excited to announce their official launch today. Capsll App invites users to create their very own “capsll” where they can save their stories and pass on their legacy through the use of the application.

Capsll makes it easy and safe to collect scattered records of memorable moments—including audio, video, photos and text—into digital time capsules that can be shared privately with full user control, or on an optional public feed to inspire others. The app, which doesn’t mine user data or rely on advertising, is set to revolutionize digital memory saving while giving users complete ownership of their content.

“We are so excited to finally see this come to fruition,” says Clint Davis, CEO and Co-Founder of Capsll App. “This has been a dream of mine to launch a platform where memories are preserved and legacies are cherished. Instead of journaling, Capsll App can be used to record video and audio messages to track a self-development journey—whether it be a fitness, mental health or pregnancy journey. Our goal is to allow users to connect with their family histories and share their stories for generations to come.”

Davis, brings a 17-year career in radio and television broadcasting on four continents to the storytelling-driven app. CPO, Anton Devenish, brings over 19 years in the digital space specializing in development and management automation and digital marketing within Enterprise & SMB. CFO and COO Sam Syed, brings over 15 years of financial services experience in trading, wealth management and advisory across the U.S., London and Dubai. Together the three co-founders round out the executive team.

Capsll is available for both iOS and Android and is accessible for download from the Apple Store and Google Play. For more information, please visit: