New homegrown men’s grooming & cosmetics brand BCOS launched in UAE

A new men’s grooming & cosmetics brand, BCOS, has been launched in the UAE to address the crucial role of likability for men in various aspects of life, including combating loneliness, enhancing personal connections, finding love, and even professional success.

Founded by Leila Selmane, BCOS is a homegrown brand dedicated to enhancing the grooming habits of men in the UAE. The brand offers a fresh perspective on men’s self-care, driven by a keen understanding of the unique grooming needs of men.

“While women are supported by an abundance of products and grooming advice, men often lack similar resources,” stated Leila Selmane, Co-Founder & CEO of BCOS.

Inspired by personal experiences that highlighted the impact of grooming on how others perceive us, Leila created BCOS to provide men with innovative grooming products and the necessary knowledge to improve their grooming habits. By helping men present themselves more confidently and attractively, BCOS aims to boost self-esteem, foster social interactions, and open opportunities for personal and professional success.

“Many men may not even understand the critical role grooming plays in making a positive impression. They may be willing to improve their grooming habits, but often, they don’t know where to start or what products to use,” Leila continued.

Most men in the UAE are uncertain about which products to use for their specific grooming needs, highlighting a significant gap in accessible information and combined grooming and skincare solutions designed specifically for them.

BCOS is committed to equipping men with the knowledge and tools necessary for impeccable grooming, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to make a positive impression. The brand simplifies grooming, making it straightforward for men to look sharp and feel confident daily. Every product is tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of men’s skin and grooming habits. Men’s skin differs from women’s in terms of thickness, oiliness, and hair growth patterns, among other factors.

“Our goal is to ensure that every man has the opportunity to present the best version of himself,” Leila concluded.

BCOS begins its journey with innovative products such as a beard filler pen and an ergonomic beard brush, designed to offer men straightforward and effective grooming solutions. The brand also features products containing volcanic ash, which are known for their beneficial properties for male skin. These products represent the first step in BCOS’s plan to introduce a comprehensive line of grooming essentials tailored for men.

This summer, BCOS plans to introduce a dedicated skincare line, all designed and produced in the UAE. This expansion reflects the brand’s commitment to high-quality, premium products tailored specifically for the needs of men in the region.

About BCOS

BCOS is a premium men’s grooming brand based in the UAE. The company is dedicated to creating innovative grooming solutions that enhance personal care for men. Designed with precision and incorporating only the finest ingredients, BCOS aims to set a new standard in the men’s grooming industry.