Petuum and Inception Institute for AI Partner for Advanced AI

Petuum, the creator of the world’s first composable platform for MLOps, and the Inception Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IIAI), have agreed to partner on the development of revolutionary AI applications.

Petuum has recently announced a limited release of the composable platform, which includes the AI OS, Universal Pipelines, Deployment Manager, and Experiment Manager, for select private beta partners. Through the partnership with Petuum, IIAI’s enterprise AI/ML teams will operationalize and scale their applications into production.

Founded in 2018, IIAI’s mission is to build full-stack AI solutions and operating systems for enterprise businesses and developers. Besides being the research arm for G42, IIAI is also empowering stakeholders with AI applications and incubating new technology at the cutting edge of ML innovation.

“IIAI is the clear leader in the Middle East in terms of raw talent, investment, and focus on AI. Their powerful infrastructure is a perfect fit for Petuum’s ability to multiply the value of their on-prem and cloud resources. Through our collaboration, the amazing engineers at IIAI see exponential productivity improvements as they automate all but the most interesting and research-intensive tasks.” -Adil Islam, Lead Product Manager at Petuum

IIAI’s state of the art engines range through NLP, particularly translation, audio recognition and analysis, computer vision and image understanding, video content analysis, and knowledge graphs. In particular, IIAI’s robust Machine Translation engine breaks the boundaries of file types, language types, and communication formats. The self-improving multi-modal translation engine allows users to speak or take pictures to receive streaming translations that can be compiled into files for further analysis. This engine is being expanded to sign language, as part of a focus on differently abled communities.

After an initial proof of concept with the Petuum Platform, the IIAI team is confident that the productivity and cost enhancements from the partnership will rapidly expand the institute’s lead in building state of the art engines, taking it from its position as leader in MENA to becoming a global champion for the adoption of AI in enterprises.

“IIAI uses the Petuum platform for developing, deploying, and managing our AI services. Petuum’s platform is accelerating the development of our market-leading Arabic NLP AI product. With Petuum AI OS, we can wrap up anything and everything, as long as it runs with Docker. In that sense, we not only have this graph system, but we can also easily standardize all of our pipelines.” – Guowei He, Principal HPC Engineer at IIAI