Picture Taken at Al Qudra Lakes Takes the International Limelight

Hermis Haridas, a Dubai-based renowned nature and wildlife photographer, has clinched four international photography awards for a single captivating image captured at the scenic Al Qudra Lakes in Dubai. The accolades were bestowed upon Hermis for his exceptional talent in photographing a Hoopoe, a mesmerising bird native to the region.

The winning image, taken with Hermis’s new Nikon Z8 camera, showcases the Hoopoe in various moments, both in mid-air and on the ground, capturing its graceful and dynamic movements. What sets this photograph apart is Hermis’s keen observation of the bird’s behavior—each time the Hoopoe caught its prey, it consistently flew in the same direction towards a nearby tree. Inspired by this unique behavior, Hermis intentionally composed the image against a background with light and dark sides, symbolising the contrasting aspects of existence.

Commenting on the photograph, Hermis Haridas shared, “This picture of the Hoopoe was taken in Dubai from Al Qudra Lakes. I spend most of my weekends taking pictures of the birds in Al Qudra Lakes. I wanted to test my new Nikon Z8 camera. So, my friend and I travelled to the lake where I noticed a Hoopoe occasionally catching its prey in the air and at other times on the ground. Additionally, I observed that each time it caught a prey, it flew in the same direction to a nearby tree. I spent a few days photographing this bird, and when I got home and looked over the pictures, I got the idea to photograph the bird against a background with light and dark sides to represent the dark and light sides of existence. The following day, I arrived a little earlier at the same location and waited for the ideal shot to occur.”

Hermis, originally from India and currently residing in the UAE, is not only an accomplished nature and wildlife photographer but also a photography mentor. As the founder of Paws Trails and Mara Trails Camp, he has dedicated his life to protecting and preserving wildlife habitats while showcasing their splendor through his lens. With an unwavering passion for the wild, he has spent countless hours in the wilderness, patiently waiting for the perfect shot and documenting the untamed wonders of nature. Through his enthralling images, Hermis not only spreads knowledge and creates awareness about the need to protect animals, but he also encourages others to explore the world in order to appreciate and preserve the planet’s unique biodiversity.

Hermis’s accolades include winning prestigious awards such as “Nature Photographer of the Year, Wild Art Photographer of the Year, HIPA- 2023 and Nature Conservancy”, further solidifying his position as a leading force in the world of nature and wildlife photography.

For more information about Hermis Haridas and his remarkable work, please visit www.hermis.me