QCDC launches “Al-Dileela: Your career navigator”

Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), founded by Qatar Foundation, has unveiled its highly anticipated program, “Al-Dileela: Your Career Navigator.” This innovative program offers personalized career counseling sessions tailored to individual unique needs, guiding participants in making informed academic and career decisions.

“Al-Dileela” features a user-friendly online booking system and caters to a diverse audience, including high school students, undergraduates, alumni, as well as job seekers and those looking to transition careers. Through in-depth sessions, participants can explore their interests, abilities, and goals, receiving personalized guidance to plan their academic and career paths effectively.

Conducted in Arabic, English, and French, “Al-Dileela” offers unprecedented accessibility for individuals seeking career guidance in Qatar. The program is structured into five specialized phases, offering extensive counseling and essential tools for making informed career decisions. Each phase contains sessions that provide a supportive environment tailored to the specific needs, age, and career stage of the participant.

Abdulla Ahmed Al-Mansoori, Director of QCDC, described the program as “a significant leap in QCDC’s mission to provide comprehensive career support to all members of our community, regardless of background or experience. We leverage diverse channels and cutting-edge tools to maximize the benefits of modern technology in career guidance and development.”

“At QCDC, we are committed to empowering our youth and graduates throughout their career journeys,” Al-Mansoori emphasized. “We equip them with the necessary tools to define their goals in the context of the current job market, ensuring alignment with their aspirations and contributing to the sustainable development of our nation. We aim to be their trusted guide, leading them towards achieving their professional goals.”

The programs name, “Al-Dileela,” meaning “The Guide” in the Qatari dialect, embodies QCDC’s dedication to serving as a guide and mentor for youth in Qatar throughout their professional journeys. It also reflects the program’s strategic goal of providing career guidance and counseling to various target groups seeking support in navigating their career paths through seasoned, experienced specialists selected from diverse backgrounds.