Realiste launches new feature to identify the best developers for real estate investing in the MENA region

Realiste, a leading artificial intelligence company in the UAE, has introduced a new feature to its flagship product ‘Index’ aimed at streamlining real estate investing in the MENA region. This feature enables real estate investors to identify the best developers in Dubai in terms of rental yield and investment returns.

Users can access information on the top three and top ten developers in Dubai. The platform ranks construction companies based on six possible options, including price growth forecasts for one, two, and three years, rental yield, square feet price, and number of units. In addition, the platform offers a map to view the areas where developers are building their projects and access data on the surrounding districts.

‘Using this tool, now you can see that Nakheel has the best price-to-property ratio for rental income among all developers. Within one click, users can identify areas where the developers are building their projects, check how many units they are undertaking, and compare this data with that of other developers’, – tells Co-founder of Realiste Alex Galtsev.

Realiste’s latest innovation seeks to empower investors to make informed decisions while simplifying the real estate investing process in the MENA region, Galtsev adds.

‘Index’ was initially launched in March 2023 to streamline the real estate investing process and accelerate growth in the MENA region’s property market. The application provides comprehensive information on the top locations in a city, including average prices for units and square footage, rent rates, number of properties available on the market, and more.

Additionally, ‘Index’ ranks properties based on various parameters, such as top projects for rental income and those projected to appreciate quickly, and allows users to filter offerings by cost, size, building floors, and other factors. The platform also allows users to purchase off-plan properties online directly from developers within seconds, unlike existing property boards.

Realiste is committed to provide innovative solutions to streamline the real estate investing process and contribute to the growth of the property market in the MENA region. The new feature for ‘Index’ is another step towards achieving this goal.