Retiring does not mean abandoning your career, it just means continuing to work with less stress

Retiring does not necessarily mean abandoning one’s professional journey or giving up on career-oriented dreams, but rather continuing to work for a limited number of hours, while avoiding unpleasant workforce pressure and unnecessary psychological stress.

Individuals who chose to continue to work after retiring, are advised to develop their skills and keep themselves updated with relevant and required tasks at all times. Additionally, securing one’s position during pre-retirement years is advisable, since it simplifies the individual’s ability to continue to mold in with other coworkers while remaining valued. This however does not rule out the fact that some pensioners would rather enjoy a non-materialistic busy lifestyle and are content with retiring from their career when they decide to.

As part of the ‘Get Ready – Proactive Financial Planning’ campaign, which offers members of the public guidance on how to proactively plan for their finances, the GPSSA explains that insured individuals should not view the years following a retirement as a “challenge” but rather start looking at it as an “opportunity” to develop short-term plans and experiment with several revenue making projects at an earlier stage and age in order to make informed decisions during the post-retirement period. To do that successfully however, the insured must remain calm, optimistic, patient and flexible, since it takes years of “trial and error” and “experimentation” to reach a level of professional maturity and sustainability beyond the age of 60. As an example, promoting a particular product and/or service must coincide with the quality of that product, which entails a professional operational process that guarantees the product is beneficial and that the customer is happy with it after receiving it, with emphasis on ongoing communication and post-sale visits/follow-ups. Receiving suggestions or feedback from customers is also extremely important in order to make informed decisions, i.e. applying necessary strategic changes to that product or changing the nature of the service altogether.

It is of paramount importance to strengthen one’s relationship with customers, suppliers, strategic partners and entities during an insured person’s entire career, this not only ensures things are faster and better, it also guarantees they are completed within the permitted legal framework.

It is worth noting that according to various studies it’s been proven that managing projects or investing in a business does not necessarily require a large amount of capital. Emergency money for that purpose should be compiled from the early years and kept aside in case it is needed for a business opportunity or an investment loss.