RIT Dubai launches Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Innovation

Photo: RIT Dubai has announced the launch of a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Innovation program

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) of Dubai has announced the launch of a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Innovation program. The new graduate degree is designed to equip students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to transition from management to leadership in the context of rapid technological advances in the workplace.

Accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education, the program focuses on tech innovations and their impact on leadership. It will enable participants to develop the mindset to foresee emerging trends and build responsive strategies that create new business opportunities. The new degree addresses an emerging market need for leaders who have the capacity to establish a working environment that encourages innovation and empowers teams to embrace a technology-driven future.

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Innovation is unique in its combination of the two disciplines, which are traditionally taught as separate degree programs. Through practice-based learning, the course supports students to develop critical business skills, such as negotiation and ethical decision making, while unlocking their creative talent through lessons in design thinking and leading innovation. Participants can also explore entrepreneurship and business start-up as part of the curriculum.

Speaking about the importance of launching the program at this time, Dr. Panagiotis Kokkalis, Associate Professor and Chair of Business and Management at RIT Dubai, said, “Technology and innovation will shape the future workplace, and it is essential that we develop leaders who have the strategic foresight and practical skills to address this transformational era. This program combines the principles of global business management with the practical applications of technology, to develop professionals who can lead change and build teams that foster continuous innovation.”     

Providing a pathway from management to leadership, the program is designed for professionals looking to take the next step on their career ladder. It combines a series of core courses, electives, and a thesis, all of which can be completed in 14 months. Graduates of the program will be equipped to take on leadership roles in businesses and government organizations or pursue their creative skills as entrepreneurs.

Dr. Yousef Al Assaf, President of RIT Dubai, said, “The Master of Organizational leadership and Innovation is the eighth Master program to be introduced at RIT Dubai. There is a great demand from organizations to have highly skilled leaders who are literate in altering the norm and introducing change, and we at RIT Dubai want to take part in this transformational process. This Master program will help in equipping individuals with the ‘know how’ of innovation, leadership and breakthrough thinking.”

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Innovation is open to applications for entry this Fall semester.


About RIT Dubai

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