ROR receives ISO certification for coffee services

Emirati owned coffee leaders, ROR Coffee Roastery (Rate of Rise) has announced that it has been awarded ISO 22000:2018 certification for receiving, storing, roasting, grinding, packaging and distribution of coffee.

Already certified to HACCP level, this newest achievement showcases the standard the company meets for its customers while fulfilling any administrative requirements.

ISO evaluates the effectiveness of the Quality Management System while enabling the identification of any further improvements. Aaron Marshall, General Manager at ROR, said: “We envisioned providing the Emirates with the best quality coffee and to take the global specialty coffee experience to an exceptional level. In line with this mission, this certification will help build better trust with our customers who’ve always appreciated the highest of our standards.”

“We are glad to have our dedicated efforts recognized and aim to continue making the coffee experience an absolute delight for our coffee enthusiasts.” Stated Aaron Marshall, the General Manager of ROR. This development ensures that customers will continue to benefit from the all-encompassing coffee experience that ROR offers.

The company was founded 6 years ago (in 2017) with the vision of caffeinating the Emirates with great coffee, using the best practices and curating only the highest quality of product.  ROR now offers a quality controlled, sustainable and iconic coffee experience while also creating economic opportunity for coffee growers around the world, and the small businesses that work hard to finesse the coffee drinking experience. Their services also include menu setups aligning to the set up and equipment, specialty coffees and their brewing, and finally barista training which includes everything about coffee from seed to cup, brewing and finally serving.