Launches Corporate Fleet Subscription Service, Disrupting Traditional Leasing in the UAE & GCC, the leading smart mobility tech company expanded its services via its super app & has launched ‘Corporate – Fleet Subscription’, a one-of-a-kind fleet subscription and leasing service for corporates in the GCC. The new service is designed to help businesses of all sizes to save cost and improve efficiency by providing on demand access to a fleet of new cars without the contractual obligation.

Traditional leasing options have long been associated with fixed contract tenures ranging from minimum of 12 months onwards with extensive financial document requirements and premature penalty fees. However, the Corporate Fleet Subscription from revolutionizes the industry by providing on-demand flexibility to subscribe from 1 month to 36 months, with zero penalty for early termination.

“Our aim is to simplify the entire process of Corporate Fleet & the way it is done. Corporate Fleet Subscription aims to offer a more dynamic, flexible and cost-effective solution to businesses in the UAE,” said Soham Shah, CEO at “With our unique platform, businesses can now scale up or down their entire fleet on demand or dynamically upgrade to different models offering flexibility to adapt to their fleet requirements. This is a service that the traditional car leasing industry has failed to provide, and we’re proud to be the pioneers in making it the first of its kind service to be offered in the region to the corporate, offering a full digital experience.”

In addition, the program eliminates the need for laborious credit validation processes and the need for an extensive list of financial documents and instead provide basic renting documents such as Trade License, valid driver’s license and Emirates ID.”

Unlike traditional leasing, which often involves a lengthy fleet deployment time of 20-30 days, Corporate Fleet Subscription offers immediate fleet deployment within a matter of hours. The fleet consists of as-good-as-new, brand-new cars, allowing businesses to focus their core product or services saving time & money. Clients gain access to a vast array of more than 25+ reputable brands and over 100 different car models. Additionally, its offers a standard mileage starting at 3000 km/per month with the added flexibility to include additional mileage on demand as compared to traditional leasing companies offering 2000 kms.

Fleet management is simplified through its dedicated Fleet Manager, accessible via a personalized dashboard. This innovative feature ensures that businesses have direct control over their fleet, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. One of the most significant advantages of the Corporate Fleet Subscription is the elimination of advance security cheques. All that is required is a one-time refundable deposit, relieving businesses of the financial burden associated with traditional leasing. uses AI and machine learning technologies to tailor each user’s experience based on their preferred car, guiding customers to the kind of vehicles that meet their demands quickly. intends to add new features to the app in the coming year and enhance existing ones. is Mobility Technology Platform that collaborates with car manufacturers, dealers, and the top leasing companies. It operations across UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom, managing assets worth over USD 500 Million making it the largest and the fastest growing Mobility Tech platform in the region.