Shams creative fest kicks off on February 16-18

Sharjah Media City (Shams) is gearing up for the launch of the second edition of the “Shams Creative Fest” scheduled to take place from February 16th to 18th from 5-11 PM at the Shams Business Center.

The festival aims to support small and medium-sized projects and entrepreneurs in reaching local and regional markets, as well as enhancing the ability of creators and talented individuals to expand and grow.

His Excellency Rashid Abdullah Al Obad, Director of Sharjah Media City “Shams,” accentuated the importance of the second edition of the “Shams Creative Fest” which focuses more on the performance of outstanding projects and the discussion and utilisation of specialised visualisations and ideas, with the participation of a larger number of exhibitors than the first edition.

Al Obad highlighted the success achieved by the festival last year, which allowed for the presentation of various projects and the exchange of different creative ideas among participants, embracing their innovative works within an incentivising and pioneering framework for change-making and achieving positive impact for communities.

He stated, “The festival serves as a regional platform to elevate small and medium-sized projects, enrich creative capabilities, provide a supportive environment for national competencies, and find the best inspiring solutions to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of entrepreneurship and establish an approach to creativity.”

The festival offers prominent opportunities for participants and visitors to meet with creators, as well as featuring artistic and musical events, cultural and entertainment workshops, interactive competitions, and chances to win valuable prizes and enter draws.