SNAP Brands Ventures Ltd. Receives $10 Million Financing Commitment from Alpha Blue Ocean

SNAP Brands Ventures Inc. (“SNAP”) is pleased to announce that it has executed a letter of intent for financing commitment of $10 Million Dollars (CAD) from Alpha Blue Ocean (“ABO”), towards the development and deployment of SNAP’s state-of-the-art Telehealth Application, ÜRBIOCODE.

SNAP’s Telehealth application uses audio signal processing and machine learning to analyze 30-second audio clips of a user’s voice to quickly, and accurately, identify known and unknown health issues such as low vitamin deficiency, inflammation, poor cardiovascular and/or cognitive health. SNAP then correlates these Biomarkers to products, such as their line of premium personalized health and wellness products known as ÜRSTAX.

Amine Nedjai, CEO of ABO: “We look forward to working with Snap Brands, who are combining creativity and innovation to provide tailor-made solutions for consumers to improve and monitor their health. We are excited to assist in the development of their product while maximizing value for shareholders.”

Dino Minichiello, CEO of Snap Brands: “Snap Brands combines state of the art supplements with non-invasive, revolutionary vocal technology that gives consumers the power to monitor their health – anytime, anywhere, using a common smartphone. We are pleased to have Alpha Blue Ocean join us on this venture, giving this next generation of consumers actionable information they can use to simplify their health journey.”

About Alpha Blue Ocean. Nassau, Bahamas and Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Created in 2017, Alpha Blue Ocean is a pioneer in alternative finance providing innovative financing solutions for companies across the globe, particularly in the medical innovation sector where it has led the alternative financing market in Europe. In nearly 5 years, the Group, founded by Pierre Vannineuse, has executed more than €1.5 billion in financial commitments and more than 80 transactions, 60% of which has been in the life science sector.

About SNAP Brands Ventures Ltd. Vancouver B.C. Canada

Snap Brands is developing a first of its kind direct-to-consumer (D2C) Telehealth Service. Snap is leveraging audio biomarkers to match and recommend health products to improve your overall wellness and quality of life. Snap Brands also researches, develops, and brings to market the best of the best health supplements under the ÜRSTAX brand, which is their in-house portfolio of products. ÜRSTAX is proudly produced in North America, shipping to customers in Canada and the United States.

The Company has entered into an agreement to merge with a reporting issuer in a reverse takeover transaction (RTO) and contemporaneously intends to apply for listing on a Canadian stock exchange. The reporting Issuer is completing a corporate reorganization to accommodate the merger following which, if completed, Snap Brands will become a public reporting issuer. Further details of corporate changes to become a public issuer will be announced as they occur.