Stc Bahrain’s ‘Ana Laha’ program has received over 145mln views, with over 550,000 people sharing the videos

stc Bahrain’s new video social program, ‘Ana Laha’ launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and produced with media influencer, Omar Farooq is gaining wide international recognition, attracting over 145 million views. Engaging people beyond the GCC, with extensive viewership from countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, and more, the program continues to impact international communities with real-life stories from Bahrain.

Broadcast daily during Ramadan on Bahrain TV after the Maghreb prayer and stc Bahrain digital channels, the ‘Ana Laha’ program shares inspiring stories of people across society. Following the overwhelming response to the program, it has attracted over 850,000 comments, 300,000 times saved, with more than 550,000 people sharing the videos.

Focusing on how important it is to give a voice to those who are often overlooked in society or facing challenges, some of the aired episodes feature real-life experiences of a cancer warrior, a person with Down syndrome condition, stuttering disorder, or those who are vulnerable, the ‘Ana Laha’ program aims to bring people together and create understanding between different cultures and backgrounds. This is part of stc Bahrain’s ongoing social initiatives to strengthen community spirit and cooperation.

Commenting on the success of the program, Shaikh Zeyad bin Faisal Al Khalifa, Chief of Governmental Affairs at stc Bahrain, said: “The response to ‘Ana Laha’ has exceeded our expectations as it expanded beyond the physical boundaries of Bahrain to reach millions of people across the region. It is a great example of how emotions are relevant to people regardless of their ethnicity and enables them to create an inclusive society. We are honored to bring these inspiring stories forward in conjunction with the Ministry of Information, who gave us yet another opportunity to highlight Bahrain and its people.”

Programs such as ‘Ana Laha’ and ‘Kafo’ are in line with stc Bahrain’s commitment to continuously focus on initiatives that are integral to society and help enrich their lives while enabling us to build community connections.