Studiosity to sponsor inaugural GC’s Middle East thought leadership forum

Studiosity–the leading online anytime, anywhere study support service that partners with higher education institutions in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and the Middle East – have announced their sponsorship of the Middle East Thought Leadership Forum, 25-27 October 2021.

Middle-East Education Thought Leadership Forum is the first and largest virtual education event with an entirely Middle East region focus being organised by Gulf Conferences, a London-based Education networking company.

“We see Middle Eastern countries continuing to invest in leading-edge learning technologies for their tertiary education sectors, as an essential element of building knowledge-based economies of scientists, engineers, and business people with an increasingly global perspective,” Michael Larsen, Chief Executive Officer at Studiosity, said. “As such I am delighted to be contributing to this inaugural gathering of thought leaders across the region.”

Studiosity delivers ethical, 24/7 study support, with a mission to improve the life chances of all students through personalised educational experiences.

“Higher education institutions around the world partner with Studiosity to ensure they are meeting the study help needs and expectations of their students, as well as the quality standards of their institution including student experience, confidence, academic outcomes, and retention, and to develop a critical sense of belonging amongst cohorts,” Larsen said.

Larsen further said the University of Wollongong, Dubai has partnered with Studiosity since 2017.

“On the provision of 24/7 support for their students, 1,972 students have signed up to the service using 78,220 minutes of help seeking interactions; between 10pm and 11pm is the busiest time for submitting assignments for feedback,” Larsen informed.

Studiosity encourages students to get in touch with Andrea Collings at for further information, or to request an interview with Michael Larsen.

Pertinently, Studiosity serves 1.6 million students globally via partnerships with higher education institutions in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the Middle East, to connect students to anytime, anywhere study help.

Its mission is to help more students to progress in their courses by offering high quality academic support just in time, even when students are not able to be on campus, or for those who study at different times or remotely. The service has been correlated with improved GPA, student confidence, and learning success.

Middle-East Education Thought Leadership Forum

Middle-East Education Thought Leadership Forum will be the first and largest virtual education event with an entirely Middle East region focus.

A global B2B and B2G business meeting and conference, the event is designed to bring education, government, corporate sector, technology providers and buyers together to exchange and explore digital technology solutions, products and services from across the Globe in one Forum over 3-days.

The event will be hosted on the Virtual Fair Platform under the patronage of the Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities. Ministers of Education of the Arab League and with an expected number of delegates from 400 universities are expected to participate in the event.

The forum will be led by Ministers of Education and quality assurance leaders to help address policies related to online education. The event will help companies reach out to large markets in the Middle East and we will be proposing financial models which will include referral fees, alongside the sponsorship. Middle Eastern students will be invited freely to benefit from virtual learning.