Syrve MENA partners with Angel Cakes to bring technologies and loyalty programs to the cafe chain in Dubai

Syrve MENA, a leading international comprehensive all-in-one POS and Restaurant Management Software solution, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Angel Cakes, a renowned provider of sugar-free and gluten-free cakes in Dubai. This collaboration introduces the newly launched Loyalty App powered by Syrve, which aims to provide Angel Cakes’ customers with a seamless and enhanced experience. Moreover, Syrve provides the cafe with Application Program Interface (API), stock keeping, cloud system, and AI forecasting, innovative tech solutions for the MENA food and restaurant market.

This collaboration is aimed at promoting and distributing innovative technologies in the food and beverage industry in the MENA region and globally. Syrve offers the most innovative software solutions according to the latest FoodTech trends, including FaceIDAI Forecasting, and a powerful Application Program Interface (API). The company’s goal is to automate up to 80% of restaurant management processes.

The Loyalty App focuses on building customer loyalty, communication, personalization, and marketing campaigns to transform one-time customers into a loyal audience. The Loyalty App, integrated with Angel Cakes’ operations, provides a host of benefits for both the company and its customers. With this innovative toolkit, Angel Cakes can save up to 30% of the aggregator commission, leverage a CRM and marketing platform for effective communication with clients, and enjoy other exclusive benefits. The Loyalty App also features a user-friendly interface and customizable options, ensuring a delightful experience for every customer.

One of the key advantages of the Loyalty App is its focus on emotional engagement and cost efficiency. Customers can collect bonuses, explore recipes, and stay updated with the latest news from Angel Cakes, all within the app. According to a Syrve CEO Alex Ponomarev“With less than 1.5% cost impact of the loyalty program when every second customer uses the app, it offers a win-win solution for both Angel Cakes and its valued patrons.”

The Loyalty App seamlessly syncs menu, orders, and bonus points between the app and the POS system, ensuring a smooth operational flow. Additionally, it provides expert guidance, offering ongoing hands-on support to Angel Cakes, from app launch to content management and marketing.

“Customers can now simply scan a QR code through the app to receive bonus points, which are always available in the mobile app for Angel Cakes. This streamlined process adds to the overall convenience and satisfaction of Angel Cakes’ loyal customer base,” concluded the partnership details Angel Cakes Partnership Manager.