TaskedIn participates in the “She can” program for women entrepreneurs

TaskedIn, the first digital workspace in Egypt and the Middle East, participated in the grant organized by the School of Continuing Education at the American University in Cairo for women entrepreneurs under the title “SHE CAN”.

The “SHE CAN” program aims to empower ambitious Egyptian women in the field of entrepreneurship to manage their own projects and establish successful businesses. It is considered an opportunity to enhance the skills of aspiring women entrepreneurs by equipping them with the practical skills necessary to successfully manage, lead, and scale up their small projects.

Shahd Nasrallah, co-founder of TaskedIn and an engineering student at the American University in Cairo, presented the idea of the app, how it works, and the most important achievements since its launch, as well as the key benefits gained from participating in the “SHE CAN” program.

Shahd Nasrallah mentioned that TaskedIn provides companies with the ability to achieve strategic management through managing the company’s structure, time, operations, tasks, and effective communication among team members.

Engineer Esraa Amara, co-founder of TaskedIn, added, “TaskedIn is the first Arabic app, developed by Egyptian hands, fully supported by artificial intelligence, to offer the first digital workspace in Egypt and the Middle East. It provides several smart solutions, including TaskedIn Meet, which offers high-quality virtual meetings, both audio and video, with exceptional communication clarity. TaskedIn Meet features an unlimited number of members in a single virtual meeting with no time limits, giving it a competitive advantage over global applications.”

Engineer Esraa Amara pointed out that TaskedIn provides a secure digital workspace that combines administrative restructuring, task creation, delegation, and tracking, as well as effective internal communication through individual and group chats and virtual audio and video meetings. It also manages and evaluates performance.

In her presentation, Esraa Amara specified that the required funding during the current phase is about 10 million EGP to develop AI technologies in the app. She explained that the app aims to achieve a growth rate of 25% in 2025, rising to 40% in 2026, and then 55% in 2027 with current resources, emphasizing that these percentages would double with the acquisition of funding.

Esraa Amara concluded her speech by thanking everyone involved in the program, especially Dr. Hesham Abdel Ghaffar, the program’s director, and Dr. Doaa Salem, the founder of the “SHE CAN” program, for their significant impact on supporting women entrepreneurs in Egypt. She also announced that the app would be made available for free to all women entrepreneurs participating in the program as part of TaskedIn’s support for them in managing their projects.