The Egypt-based Remooz Inc. expands the focus of its new smart NFT marketplace

After the soft launch of circa early July, Remooz Inc. today confirms the move into the Southeast Asian (SEA) market, following the launch that was essentially MENA region focused. Malaysia, one of the top countries with the largest NFT adoption in SEA and Asia has been picked as its first foray into the region. 

Remooz Inc., which is also a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider noted that Asia is the leader in the booming NFTs scene with Southeast Asia believed to account for 35% of the $22 billion in global trade last year. Since 2017, NFTs have flourished to be the cornerstone of Web 3.0, which is regarded as the next phase of the Internet.

Marwan Salem, Co-founder & CEO of Remooz Inc. believes that offers many practical features that will allow real access to NFTs, where other NFT marketplaces are lacking. “The Remooz NFT marketplace is easy to register, free to mint NFTs, uses social networking concept, and utilises e-commerce payment method in US Dollar. Because it is powered by Hyperledger Fabric, the marketplace does not need to use cryptocurrency in order to trade.”

The Remooz NFT marketplace also promotes the importance of NFTs that have utility values. These are NFTs that give the owners exclusive rewards, privileges or rights, rather than NFTs that are only created as collectibles. Creators ranging from graphic designers, writers, artists or audio-video content makers who are new to the world of NFTs will find the platform to be really user-friendly, non-technical and therefore highly accessible.

The Remooz smart NFT marketplace looks to welcome all Malaysian creators from any creative backgrounds. Certainly, NFT creators from any Asian countries are welcomed, too. In particular, Remooz Inc. has targeted Malaysian cartoon, caricature and animation artists or designers to join the NFT marketplace and experience how easy it is to create, sell and build up content, while putting their fans and communities at the top of their agenda. 

The Remooz NFT marketplace has also recently collaborated with Malaysia’s much-loved, legendary cartoonist, Ujang or Ibrahim Anon, to be its first Malaysian ambassador. Ujang is no stranger to the NFT space, and is considered among the top NFT artists from any creative background in Malaysia. Ujang’s latest NFT works on are still in progress, and the ‘UjangWeb3’ NFT project is scheduled to be released next month.