TradeTogether, a fintech startup, officially operates in Singapore under MAS exemption to manage cryptocurrency funds for high-net-worth and institutional investors

TradeTogether, a fintech digital assets management company, continues to establish a strong footprint in the high-net-worth and institutional segments by operating under a regulatory exemption to manage funds investing in cryptocurrencies, also classified as non-capital markets products.

The company was founded by ex-colleague-turned-friends, Geoff Ira and Jordan Ko when they were serving leadership roles at Standard Chartered Ventures, and decided to combine their expertise and passion in crypto investments at TradeTogether to grow the possibilities of increasing investment returns in the digital assets space including crypto, DeFi and NFTs.

Jordan Ko, Chief Strategy Officer of TradeTogether says, “Our Crypto Fund product scheme will allow us to establish our footprint here as a Singapore-based entity and to accelerate our growth effort within the region along with our mobile app which will be ready beginning 2022. By far, TradeTogether Software Enterprise, a platform and solution that combines advanced technology and human intelligence, has proved to serve profitable strategies according to the risk profile of each unique investor.”

Geoff Ira, CEO of TradeTogether, adds, “It’s a fantastic encouragement for us as a young startup and also for our early investors. We started in August 2021 and knew exactly that obtaining an exemption was not optional in a strict environment. We’ve worked hard with our legal to ensure that our product offering is not in breach of Singapore law and eligible for a specific exemption allowing us to operate in Singapore.”

TradeTogether, who had recently participated as co-exhibitor at Singapore Fintech Festival 2021 under the Singapore Fintech Association Pavilion, announced just after a few weeks of their incorporation in September 2021 of a pre-seed funding of US$500K, an outstanding feat for a young startup.

On future plans, Geoff comments, “We are very pleased that we can now serve the high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutions in Singapore with our MVP and website platform. Once our mobile app is released, we are planning to expand across the region, and in Europe in 2022. We are currently liaising with regulators, corporate & legal services in the EU to establish similar exemptions needed in each country.”

About TradeTogether

TradeTogether is started by an international team of reputable Banking & IT professionals with decades of experience in large Financial Institutions. Aspired to provide financial and mental wealth to investors, we build TradeTogether, a Digital Asset platform that breaks down the traditional boundaries of crypto investment to empower investors to make smart informed decisions according to their portfolio requests and enjoy returns. Combining the intelligence of TradeTogether Robo-Advisory solution and our financial experts, investing in the volatile crypto market is now simple, safe, transparent, and rewarding.