Traydstream partnered with Citrus Consulting to deliver SaaS based trade automation platform in MENA

By now, most people interested in trading are aware of algorithmic trading and may have tried it at some point. Algorithmic trading, as the name suggests relies on a specialized computer program that follows a set of well-defined instructions for placing a trade order. Powered by AI, an algorithmic trading program learns from the process and will eventually be able to identify profitable opportunities and place trade orders accordingly. By using trusted programs, traders can generate profits at lightning speed and frequency as opposed to human traders. Given that this trading method is highly popular and is now a need of the hour, banks and other financial institutions are increasingly adopting trade automation platforms to streamline their trading process. 

With Traydstream- a world-leading innovative technology company that built a powerful AI-driven trading platform- partnering with Citrus Consulting Dubai, the algorithmic trading scenery in the MENA region is about to change for the better. Through this partnership, the SaaS-based trade automation platform can be easily delivered and implemented for clients across MENA.

“We are super excited to partner with Traydstream,” says Dan Sithamabram, Director for Technology Innovation and Customer Success across MENA at Citrus Consulting. “This partnership allows us to help our banking and financial services customers across the Middle East and Africa to disrupt and transform their trade operations.”