Tutopia Learning App made Learning Easy and Affordable which is developed by Brillmindz

 Brillmindz, a leading mobile application development company in India has developed Tutopia eLearning Mobile app which has transformed learning to be easy and affordable.

There has been a humongous revolution in the field of education thanks to eLearning technology. Due to the advanced eLearning apps, the process of education was made available to the students even during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Tutopia is an advanced eLearning app that was built exclusively for the students of the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th standards of the West Bengal Board. This app was launched a few days earlier with great enthusiasm from students, teachers, and educationists from the state of West Bengal. The idea of Tutopia app began during the Covid outbreak where students were restricted for normal classroom settings. The app targeted Bengali medium students who did not have an affordable eLearning tool to continue their education process. 

Tutopia app is providing a golden opportunity for Bengali medium students to get cost-effective eLearning. Students can make use of this Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered eLearning app to self-assess their knowledge. The features in the Tutopia app include live classes, descriptive tutorials, notes taking for diverse subjects, audio and video learning with Q & A across all the subjects. Having an efficient LMS in machine learning app, students can be engaged deeply in academics by maintaining the same level of interest throughout the journey. Tutopia eLearning app includes timely scheduled tests to increase the confidence of students and prepare them for the bigger challenges.

Tutopia stands unique with a team of skilled subject matter experts across all the subjects. These experts have developed all the academic content employing advanced 3D animation, infographics, visual representations, etc. Students learning via Tutopia get the benefit of the ‘relate and remember’ technique where they will not have the compulsion of traditional repetitive strategies. It is made possible due to a precise blend of student-oriented content framing and the use of cutting-edge tools in eLearning.

Key Features of Tutopia:

  • Live classes
  • Video tutoring
  • Preparatory tests
  • Topic-wise notes
  • Timely practice sessions
  • Mock test
  • Engaging challenges
  • Leader-board

The words from Sarwar Ahmed, CEO of Brillmindz goes as: “There has been profound research from our team about the inability for several students to get easy and affordable access to eLearning which is now made possible through Tutopia.”