UAE EdTech company Bessern announces partnership with Joygraphy to bring data-driven insights on wellbeing and performance for corporates

Bessern, an EdTech startup providing human skills training programs based on behavioral science, has announced joining forces with Joygraphy in the MENA region.

Our earlier collaboration – combining Joygraphy’s assessments and our science backed learning approach has shown an increased value for organizations: increasing people’s resilience, accelerating transformation & performance for the people who run the business. Behavioral change is complex – having the right data on individual challenges help us to have programs that are more targeted and efficient – says Elena Agaragimova (co-founder at Bessern).

“This partnership allows us to complement our analytical platform with programs made to drive change in organizations. We are also expanding and replicating our success in the Indian market” – says Abhijit Dabhade – CEO of Joygraphy.

According to Ivan Palomino – co-founder of Bessern: “the MENA region has observed an increase of presenteeism (employees being present at work when they are disengaged or not at their mental best) – it is important to help people with insights to make change where it matters”.

Dr. Vishal Ghule (Chief Research Officer at Joygraphy) explains that the Workplace Wellbeing Scale measures various aspects of employee’s working life with key performance indicators. This is used to co-relate performance in the workplace, including contextual & behavioral factors that affect strategic business objectives such as Sales and Customer Experience.

Many prevalent challenges in the workplace like burnout, work-life balance, disengagement affect individuals and organizations in their capacity to perform, innovate and develop an optimal corporate culture. This partnership will provide the MENA region with access to cutting-edge science, insights and actions – bringing measurable results on companies’ investment to accelerate their transformation.

About Joygraphy – Joygraphy is an  innovation in wellbeing technology that specializes in mapping, diagnosing, analyzing and offering interventions in personal and organizational wellbeing. An outcome of deep research conducted over 2.5+ years across 2’500’000 data points, successfully mapped 174 human behavior traits with 414 sub traits. The analytics help design solutions that help resolve – Burnout, Work-life balance, productivity, emotional breakdowns, mind-body disconnect, relationship issues and value driven personal growth and quarter to mid-career crisis.

About Bessern – Bessern uses behavioral science to transform learning into actions. Our unique approach delivers a personalized training solution combining technology with live human interaction to make change easier, relevant and personalized.