Unlimited AI art for everyone: BlueWillow AI seeks to attract more users across MENA region

The AI generative art platform BlueWillow is taking down barriers to entry and boost inclusion in AI art by offering unlimited free access to all. Unlike other AI art platforms where users get limited features and bandwidth for free, BlueWillow users will now be able to generate any number of AI art pieces without facing a paywall.

While BlueWillow’s services are free to use, a community member may choose to pay for any of the four different payment tiers and support the platform’s growth.

In only three months since its launch, BlueWillow attracted over 1.4 million users, and it’s now set to attract an even bigger audience. BlueWillow has also announced its support for multiple native languages in a bid to attract members from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Beyond that, BlueWillow is extremely focused on user feedback to ensure that the most reasonable feedback gets translated into features either in the upcoming web app or somewhere in the development roadmap. On that front, BlueWillow even set up Focus Groups to better understand user needs and implement those into the BlueWillow platform.

With such levels of freedom in AI art, BlueWillow users get a completely new, innovative avenue for brainstorming design and content ideas. The streamlined approach of BlueWillow can help anyone from marketing professionals to artists, designers, and game developers to strengthen their creative workflow without any payment or language barriers.

“Our platform will be the top choice for anyone enthusiastic about using artificial intelligence to create stunning artwork and imagery that meets their personal and professional requirements,” states Hector Ferran, VP of Marketing at BlueWillow. He explains, “As a company, we firmly believe that AI-based image generation is the future of visual content creation, and at BlueWillow, we take great pride in being at the forefront of this field. Our goal is to make AI-based image generation available to everyone, and offering unlimited free access to users is helping us achieve this.”

BlueWillow is also working on a web app to make the platform easily accessible. The web app is currently in its beta version and comes with the gallery feature only, allowing community members to view all the art they’ve generated. Upon full launch, community members will be able to access BlueWillow through a user-friendly web interface as compared to current Discord server access only. 

Today, creatives can use BlueWillow to produce high-quality images quickly and easily for various use cases like social media posts, marketing materials, and web designs. It allows them to create high-fidelity visual assets, from anime characters to life-like photographs, effectively reducing the gaps between physical and virtual realities. BlueWillow is thus catalyzing the holistic evolution of generative AI while opening up novel avenues for its positive implementation. 

Creatives worldwide can join the BlueWillow community via Discord or by visiting their official website, and they can access the beta version of the web app at app.bluewillow.ai.