Vivacoder launched to support coders, IT students

Newage Learning FZCO, a learning and development holding company, has announced a “Vivacoder”, an initiative to provide a comprehensive suite of talent and job-relevant online technological learning services in the GCC region to individuals and organizations to be winners in the digital revolution.

Vivacoder training programs use guided learning paths, hands-on labs and skill assessments to focus on training students in the area of software coding and Cybersecurity. All the programs offered are international certification based and in partnership with ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia and Infoshare Academy, Gdańsk, Poland.

The training delivery format is either Physical or Virtual Classroom, but students are also provided the option of self-paced learning courses in collaboration with CertNexus, New York, USA.

The rapid pace of technology today demands a learning approach that fits the needs of both the individual and the organisation. Therefore, Vivacoder provides the most up-to-date technology courses by tailoring them to the specific learning styles & needs of the participants.

Learning by doing is the best way to grasp new technologies, hence throughout the duration of the program the participants are required to submit projects on topics learnt, creating a portfolio to validate the skills learned and developed. At the end of the programme, candidates present a final project to demonstrate their capability.

Delivered by award-winning instructors, Vivacoder programs not only help professionals gain the essential skills needed to continually grow and develop in their profession and careers, but also play a part in realizing UAE and GCC regions vision of being the world’s leading digital economies.

About Newage Learning FZCO

Newage is a digital talent development company providing end-to-end talent transformation solutions for individuals, government and corporate organisations, to create progress through technology and develop the skills necessary for tomorrow. With a strong team of dedicated professionals, we are committed to delivering on our promise of the best Software Coding learning center in the GCC region. We measure our success by the success of our trainees and partners, and we are together to achieve extraordinary results and redefine the industry.