Weyay Bank sponsors start-ups & the creation of business opportunities in collaboration with GUST

Weyay Bank reaffirms its commitment to shaping Kuwait’s financial landscape by championing the GUST Showcase Event, sponsoring start-ups, and fostering business opportunities.

This collaboration is a cornerstone in empowering the innovative endeavors of Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) students, reflecting Weyay Bank’s dedication to nurturing young entrepreneurs and cultivating Kuwait’s emerging talents.

The GUST Showcase Event, made possible by Weyay Bank’s unwavering support, serves as a platform for budding entrepreneurs to transform novel ideas into viable start-ups. Amal Al-Duwaisan, Deputy Head at Weyay Bank, served as a panelist, sharing insights into her impactful journey within Kuwait’s digital banking entrepreneurial ecosystem, highlighting challenges faced, and strategies employed for overcoming them.

“Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs is at the core of Weyay Bank’s commitment, and the GUST Showcase Event provides a pivotal platform for this purpose. I am delighted to have been part of the event as a panelist, sharing my journey in Kuwait’s digital banking entrepreneurial ecosystem. It’s essential to shed light on the challenges we face and the strategies we employ to navigate them, fostering a supportive community for innovation and growth.” – Amal Al-Duwaisan, Deputy Head at Weyay Bank.

Weyay Bank exemplifies its dedication to Kuwait’s youth, aiming to cultivate their capabilities and pave the way for future success in diverse career fields.

As Weyay Bank continues to champion the spirit of entrepreneurship, this collaboration with GUST is more than just sponsorship it’s a visionary investment in Kuwait’s youth, ensuring they are well-equipped to lead and innovate both locally and globally.