Xobin expands its presence in GCC, reinforces commitment to transform talent management

Xobin, a pioneering leader in the field of HR technology, is proud to announce its continued expansion in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. This strategic move further solidifies Xobin’s mission to revolutionize talent management and empowers organizations across GCC countries to elevate their employee performance evaluation and pre-employment screening processes.

Xobin.com hosts over 1000+ expert-created skill and psychometric assessments. Its recent launch of “AI Evaluate” has garnered significant attention and adoption within the GCC, with over 100+ companies already reaping the benefits of this innovative tool.

AI Evaluate is a cutting-edge solution that offers comprehensive evaluation capabilities, including communication assessment, plagiarism detection, and auto-answer evaluation. With the ability to seamlessly integrate into various talent management functions, it has become an indispensable tool for HR professionals and recruiters in the region.

Communication Assessment: In today’s competitive business landscape, effective communication is essential. Xobin’s AI Evaluate communication assessment feature enables organizations to gauge an employee’s communication skills accurately. It provides valuable insights into their verbal and written communication abilities, helping organizations identify areas for improvement.

Plagiarism Detection: Maintaining integrity in the workplace is paramount. AI Evaluate’s plagiarism detection tool assists in identifying any instances of content plagiarism in employee submissions, ensuring that all work is original and in compliance with ethical standards.

Auto-Answer Evaluation: Employee knowledge and expertise are essential for any organization’s success. AI Evaluate’s auto-answer evaluation function simplifies the process of assessing employees’ understanding of various topics. It automatically grades and evaluates responses, providing an objective measure of an employee’s knowledge base.

Pre-Employment Screening: In addition to enhancing employee performance evaluation, AI Evaluate is a valuable asset in the pre-employment screening process. It enables organizations to assess candidates’ communication skills, verify the originality of their work, and evaluate their knowledge, ensuring they make informed hiring decisions.

Talent Management Transformation: Xobin’s expansion in the GCC region underscores its commitment to transforming talent management practices. By offering AI Evaluate as a tool for HR professionals and recruiters, Xobin empowers organizations to streamline their talent acquisition and development processes, ultimately leading to more effective and productive workforces.

“We are thrilled to witness the rapid adoption of AI Evaluate in the GCC region,” said Guruprakash Sivabalan, CEO and Founder of Xobin. “Our mission is to provide organizations with cutting-edge tools that enhance talent management, and we are committed to helping organizations in the GCC region achieve their HR goals.”

Xobin’s expansion in GCC comes as a response to the increasing demand for innovative HR solutions and reflects the company’s dedication to delivering value to its clients. With AI Evaluate, organizations in the GCC region can look forward to more efficient and data-driven talent management processes.

For more information about Xobin and AI Evaluate, please visit xobin.com.