YallaMarket: The demand for grocery delivery in Dubai increased by 330% in Q1 of 2022

Dubai-based 15-min grocery delivery service YallaMarket unveils the most popular product categories customers order via the service’s mobile app. According to the company data, energy drinks, dairy and fruits became the most ordered items. 

YallaMarket Dubai data represents that daily orders rose by 330% since the Q4 of 2021.

Beverages is the top-1 category in YallaMarket mobile app in the first quarter of 2022. Dubai residents tend to order energy drinks and soda during the day. Dairy is on the heels of beverages as the best-selling category. Low-fat milk, eggs and yogurts are the most requested as they economize time for preparing breakfast. 

At the same time Dubai citizens seem to buy more fresh fruits and vegetables online. Double growth can be noticed compared to 2021 with bananas and strawberries as the most popular fruits.

“Ultrafast grocery delivery is generally thought  to be limited  by snacks and soda, but the more our customers get used to the delivery model, the more categories they are willing to try. Thus, the demand for fresh vegetables, fruits and meat  surges from month to month. We are confident that the fresh category is YallaMarket’s main competitive advantage. Our entire team works hard to ensure that our clients receive high quality products, whether it is breakfast or a family dinner in just 15 minutes.” — Leo Dovbenko, co-founder and CEO of YallaMarket says. 

The top list depends on the area. So, JLT residents order bakery and pastry more often than in other areas of the city. Business Bay-located customers prefer hot coffee and snacks to have a break during the day.