“you are in control” – YOOZ’s message to the Iraqi youth during its epic launch event in Baghdad

Baghdad witnessed the launch of YOOZ in Iraq’s biggest event ever, leaving the youth in awe. During the star-studded event, YOOZ was unveiled by Iraq’s leading youth supporting telecom Asiacell. This one-of-a-kind innovative digital telecom solution is Asiacell’s newest platform that is designed and tailored specifically for the Iraqi youth. The attending government officials, diplomats, celebrities, influencers and 15,000 guests got introduced to YOOZ which is a new sim card that allows customers to be in full control of the services they are paying for in addition to getting endless youth-centric benefits.

Mr Amer Sunna, CEO of Asiacell, said “We are happy to launch YOOZ, from the capital of Iraq. Much like what Baghdad represents to Iraq, YOOZ is a platform that represents the essence of the youth who seek transparency and who want to be in control. The youth are the most diverse group with different needs, now, they have the complete freedom to customize their own bundles and profit from limitless options in total transparency, knowing where every dinar they spend is going. YOOZ promises the youth that it will always be their advocate and supporter, they have been wanting different designed packages that would fit their every need, we listened, and we delivered, now, they oversee their own expenses, this involves flexibility for SMS, Internet and calls services, Mood Cards, free subscription to movies and music streaming apps, exclusive games from Play Store and choosing your own phone number! We aim to serve our customers through both, technical support and CSR projects that would improve the community and increase skills and knowledge. The future holds even more initiatives that follow the footsteps of past initiatives in excellence and inclusion”

Asiacell did not only bring modern technology in the telecommunications field but to the events making as well, with a dramatic start, six drummers glowed as they flew mid-air, announcing the event’s start. Lights and laser shows, never seen before in Iraq. The many benefits of YOOZ were illustrated through a majestic presentation that was projected on stage using hologram technology. Enthusiastic influencers ascended the stage and illustrated the transparency, control and youth-oriented benefits that comes with YOOZ. the launch party continued after a drone show that lit up Baghdad’s sky with hypnotic lights and the logo of the brand, something the sky of Baghdad has never witnessed before. Light dancers, who flew into Iraq specifically to perform during this event, and the Iraqi artist Sattar Saad fascinated the audience by the enchanting atmosphere that they created and led the party through the night. The launch event showed how the tech-savvy telecom company demonstrated that they spare no expenses to cater for the youth and involve digitalization in all aspects of life.

YOOZ is the beginning of an innovative technology era for the youth. The 15,000 guests scanned the QR code which appeared on the 7000 sqm giant screen and downloaded the YOOZ application instantly and explored the new experience. YOOZ sim cards are now available for anyone that wants to experience this advanced all digital immersive experience.