ZorroSign, global leader in digital signature, announces integrated technology package on its blockchain platform

ZorroSign, Inc., a global leader in digital signature solutions using blockchain technology, announces a six-feature integrated technology package on its blockchain platform. The platform uniquely unites superior digital privacy and security with legally compliant digital signatures and an immutable chain of custody for individuals, organizations, governments, and businesses worldwide.

“Our ZorroSign platform unites blockchain-based digital signatures with five additional features such as Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) and fraud-detection,” said Shamsh Hadi, CEO and co-founder at ZorroSign. “This allows our customers to upgrade from dated digital workflows to the very latest blockchain technology that provides a more secure, streamlined, and simplified solution. When privacy and security are on the line, Z-Sign or don’t sign!”

The six features integrated into ZorroSign’s technology include: 


  • Technology patented, legally binding, fully automated
  • Blockchain’s superior security
  • Print/sign/scan process skipped
  • Digital documents signed from anywhere on any device
  • Document status monitored from ZorroSign dashboard


  • Complete electronic signature and digital transaction management
  • Build and automate templates and approval workflows
  • Compliance with internal, regulatory and security workflows for document approval
  • Processes streamlined from a single dashboard


  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning speeds completion of repetitive documents
  • Digitize documentation
  • Improve efficiency
  • Speeds form-fill with increased accuracy 


  • Immutably store documents with data and workflow records on blockchain
  • Store, structure, organize and search documents in folders and subfolders natively
  • Delivers superior privacy and security – more than PKI-based solutions using a central database


  • Patented 4n6 token containing encrypted, detailed transaction information for every document
  • Virtual seal for every uploaded document, initiating a verifiable trail, tracking every step of a document’s journey
  • Legally enforceable with proprietary technology for mobile, third-party authentication
  • Chain of custody on record with a full audit trail for each document’s full lifecycle
  • Private, permissions-based blockchain for verification, security, tracking
  • Attempts at tampering, fraud, revision or other alterations are immediately obvious


  • Maintains a chronological, immutable, real-time record of transactions
  • Verifies exactly who signed what and when, with validation of every document’s authenticity and immutability
  • Detection of forgery, fraud or tampering

ZorroSign customers span education, financial services, government, information technology, legal services, real estate, and many other industries around the world. No other digital signature solution delivers these critical features in one technology platform with consumption-based pricing for software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscriptions.

About ZorroSign

When the risk is personal and everything is on the line, Z-Sign, or don’t sign! ZorroSign, Inc. uses blockchain for superior privacy and security. The company’s technology platform integrates digital signatures, automated compliance, intelligent forms, document management, fraud prevention, user authentication and document verification. Organizations, businesses, and individuals around the world trust ZorroSign to safeguard the privacy and security of their digital documents and provide an immutable chain of custody for transactions. To learn more, visit zorrosign.com.