Zyda launches the “food ordering” feature on social media

Zyda, an online ordering platform that enables restaurants and food and beverage businesses to build their own online ordering platforms directly without incurring commission charges, announced the launch of the “Order Food” feature on my website. Facebook and Instagram. This new feature contributes to providing a smoother direct ordering experience, as by simply clicking on “Order Food”, customers are directed to the direct ordering platform, browse the menu, add to cart, pay online, and track the order until it arrives.

This new feature comes as a product of work on the development of the “Zyda” platform within the Facebook Business Solutions Accelerator Program, which lasted for 12 weeks and included 61 startup companies from all over the world, including “Zyda”, where this program focused on four categories: service applications and creative applications and integrative systems and customer data platforms.

Zyda was selected for its role as an influential player in the region, Kuwait and Egypt markets, and for its support of local small and medium-sized businesses in the food and beverage industry.

Hamad AlJedea, Co-Founder and CEO of Zyda, expressed his pride in joining the accelerator program and his pleasure in launching the “Order Food” feature that will support restaurant owners to benefit more from their marketing activities on social media platforms and achieve a better return on investment in these marketing campaigns directed by More customers to order directly from their sites, which builds stronger relationships with customers.

AlJedea added: “We have a clear vision to empower restaurants through modern technological solutions, distinguish their brands and identities, and transfer this distinction to their online presence and all their marketing activities, to expand their spread and accelerate their growth.

We started in Kuwait and now we work in the Egyptian market and Saudi Arabia, which are major markets for the food and beverage industry, to support more than 2,000 restaurants in the region and achieve online orders with them worth more than $ 300 million during the year 2021 only, and we also aim to expand throughout the region, believing in its capabilities AlJedea added: “We are always looking for ways to enable local restaurants to create sustainable relationships with their customers and achieve the best results for their marketing campaigns and link them to increasing their sales and orders. Our platform provides a comprehensive order management experience where business owners can get more information and reports on their sales and launch targeted marketing campaigns from the same platform, in addition to having complete control over the performance of their products and branches.” “The accelerator program was beneficial on all fronts, as we were able to work alongside Facebook experts to enable restaurant customers to have a more intuitive online food ordering experience,” said Alex Barretto, executive vice president of technology development. We work in “Zyda” to enable restaurants to deal directly with their customers, which enhances their presence in the markets in which they work. Now the new feature will allow the presence of a “button” that directs followers and visitors to social media pages directly to the ordering site and completing the purchase.