5 Steps To Creating A Successful Online Coaching Program

First of all, why online coaching over traditional coaching? Well, you can escape the ‘Time for Money’ trap, work from home OR anywhere in the world, monetize your passion, expertise and experience, make a difference in other people’s lives, get fast action results – from problem to promise, you can make lots of money as an online coach, it’s one of the world’s fastest growing businesses AND involves very low start-up costs and you can also start part-time!

Below are the 5 Steps to creating a successful online coaching program:

STEP 1: Find a Niche

  • Look at Amazon bestsellers.
  • Look at coaching sites you like.
  • Use Alexa.com and Compete.com.

STEP 2: Create Your Program

  • Can you reformat an existing asset i.e. a book/manual?
  • Can you license somebody else’s content?
  • Can you list ALL your expertise and experience?
  • Can you list people you have helped and how?
  • Will it be a 4, 6 or 8 week online coaching program?
  • Price it accordingly to the target market.
  • What assignments and materials will you provide?
  • Will it be audio, video or text based?
  • Will you provide certificates?

STEP 3: Market Your Program

  • Look at your existing network.
  • Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Create a newsletter or blog.
  • Build your online credibility.
  • Sell via email, webinars or conference calls.
  • Give discounts for quick action takers.
  • Build your online credibility.
  • Seek out Joint Venture partners/affiliates.

STEP 4: Deliver Your Program

  • Webinar classes.
  • Teleseminar classes.
  • Google hangouts.
  • Membership platform for resources.
  • Online assignments and exercises/exams.
  • Forum or private Facebook group.
  • Monthly Q&A group coaching calls.

STEP 5: Manage Your Clients

  • Send out a survey straight after.
  • Get them to send you referrals.
  • Ask about additional coaching needs etc.
  • Upsell to 1-to-1 premium coaching – you choose!
  • Take a BREAK and then REPEAT the program!

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