5 ways Technology and Business can go hand in hand

Can you imagine a day without technology? I surely can’t. The jaw-dropping development of technology has evolved companies to understand the insights of the market, latest trends and to boost customer base in the business environment. Do you remember pre-internet times when accessing information or communicating with customers was so resilient?

According to EDF’s second annual “Business and the Fourth Wave of Environmentalism” report, while 92% of business leaders agree that technologies can improve ROI and sustainability. No one can deny that technology is influencing business and giving it super speed.

Here are five ways technology and business go hand in hand-

  1. Streamline marketing efforts:

When’s the last time you have watched an advertisement on TV? Companies have understood the importance of digital marketing and are ready to explore newer avenues to market their business. This shift in the marketing strategy has expanded the digital marketing business, and the trend is only on a rise, post Covid.

Social media plays another important role in present day marketing. A strong and engaging social media presence can differentiate your business from your competitor. This is another boom of technology that makes you create strong communities online and have interactions with newer generations.

With the help of technology, you can strengthen your marketing plans – right from building awareness, to driving traffic, to lead generation and to campaign management. And it doesn’t stop there. With the right kind of monitoring and analytical tools, you can evaluate and measure your performance as per your desired objectives.

With a well thought out digital strategy and quality online presence, you can grow your business and help it prosper. So ensure you are taking the full advantage of technology to elevate your brand presence.

2. Managing Finances:

Using technology will help you in managing your finances, reducing the amount of time you spend and eliminating some of the most tedious tasks. The technological advances help in tracking sales, invoicing, employee records, and payroll into simple tasks with no specialized training required. Even companies can focus on core work like maintaining the proper database, allocating the funds and preparing the budget for the next financial year.

The rapid explosion of technology in almost every sector has helped companies to grow and invest their finances in fruitful ventures. Thus, it has become easy and convenient to manage your funds through technology.

3. Protecting Data:

With the increase in cyber theft, there was an urgent need to protect data online both for your digital privacy and your online reputation. Every company has a huge database of customers which is important for the company, to understand the customer demand and expectations from the brand or company. Thus, with a lot of data online, technology came to the rescue.

With the aid of modern technology, companies can store a large amount of data online in a safer way reducing the chances of theft and hacking of computers. Modern technologies such as cloud computing help companies in storing data online which can be accessed at the same time by different people across the globe.

4. Better communication:

Communication in the organization has long been a driver of productivity. With the surging technology, it has become effortless to communicate with our peers in the organization.  Even during Covid 19, only technology helped us in keeping updates with one another and to keep things on track. Whether through Zoom calls, Facetime or Skype, technology made it easy for us to communicate with the people in the organization, or even with our friends and family.

Some companies have also started using live chat support to discuss current or upcoming projects. This helps them to share their opinions which leads to improving.

5. Boost productivity at the workplace:

The use of technology boosts the productivity of companies as they can focus on their core competency.  It empowers employees to ensure their progress through their system, which ensures flexibility for the employees to grow and learn in the organization.

A proper system of technology allows teams to streamline and customize workflows. Thus, significant tools will help the employees as well organizations to boost their productivity and efficiency.

It’s tough to deny the fact that both business and technology are in one line.  We can’t expect the business to grow without technology. Today, we need technology in almost every sphere of business.  No matter what the size of the business, technology will help your business to grow and to target new customers in the long run.


Anamika Arun, a seasoned advertising and marketing enthusiast who has over 14 years of experience in the field. She brings with her a wealth of experience and business acumen, having worked with various digital agencies and managing one of her own in the UAE. With a vision to create a synergised ecosystem for learning, collaborating and growing together, The Brand Tribe was incepted in the year 2020 and is currently located in Dubai, UAE.