Abu Dhabi Community Cooperative launches the second phase of Hoot.ae

The Abu Dhabi Community Cooperative (ADCC), a first-of-its-kind Emirati entity dedicated to empowering members of the UAE community through innovative solutions to improve their quality of life, has announced the launch of its online ‘Hoot market’, which will be accessible to users starting the first day of Ramadan. The e-commerce platform will offer a wide range of products including fresh fruit and vegetables.

With the launch of Hoot.ae, ADCC completes phase two of the project, which fosters the concept of social economy through its unique community-focused approach that elevates the shopping experience and supports the community while also contributing to the inclusive development process in the UAE. The e-market aims to boost social and economic value by strengthening cohesion and cooperation between community members.

ADCC, which the Emirates Community Empowerment Company incubates, has welcomed the Holy Month with a bouquet of community projects that instil compassion and solidarity during Ramadan. The entity has also highlighted the importance of the role of cooperatives in sustainable development, as it readies the first Initial Public Offering (IPO) for its online platform Hoot and Hoot market.

Double impact

Commenting on the launch of phase two, Mubarak Al Hilali, CEO of ADCC, said: “The rapid shifts in consumer behaviour since the onset of the global pandemic has proved the inevitability of transitioning businesses online, no matter the sectors they belong to. Ecommerce dominates B2C purchases in nations like the UAE, which benefit from a developed and secure digital infrastructure.The UAE market is big and diverse, which allows it the advantage of hosting more competitors in response to the population’s purchasing power.”

He added: “We adopt an innovative strategy in business, based on consolidating our strongest elements, which is represented in a high-end service that competes with the leading electronic stores, and a societal view that a business is a tributary to society and support who want to join the job market through our development projects that invest in community and cooperative work, to support and advance the development of cooperatives.”

In its first phase, Hoot offers 100,000 products and will consistently broaden its product portfolio to reach 1,000,000 by the end of 2022. It will offer competitively priced quality products to foster the value of positive, development-oriented consumption.

The online cooperative market provides electronics, fashion and beauty goods, home and office appliances, books, grocery items, healthcare, and baby products. Amongst other product offerings are a choice of picnic, camping, and sporting products.