O7 Therapy Raises the Largest Mental Health Investment in the Middle East Totalling 2.1 Million USD

O7 Therapy is a refined, scientific, and evidence-based online platform, established to support
clients around the world, providing pathways to mental wellness and positively impacting the
workforce. Led by serial entrepreneur and CEO Ashraf Bacheet, alongside Co-Founders,
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Founder of nine psychology, Dr. Ashraf Adel, and tech
entrepreneur and Chairman of EME International, Nader Iskander. Together, they have
developed a platform that takes clients through a technology-enabled therapeutic journey and
ensures the security and safety of clients, through trusted protocols for data encryption and
storage, in a user-friendly framework. O7 Therapy has constructed a network of leading
bilingual psychiatrists and psychotherapists to support clients through the mental challenges
they may be facing.

The recent round was led by Hikma Ventures, with the participation of C-Ventures, Lotus
Ventures, and several prominent angel investors. The investment aims to support mental
wellbeing, help address a wide range of mental health difficulties, and advocate for mental
health and wellness. The round is aiming to enable growth across the Middle East and facilitate
various new product features and developments. In addition, the recent investment will allow the
team to expand its Employee Wellness Programs for more organizations across the region,
focused on elevating mental wellbeing in their workplace.

“Everyone deserves convenient and, more importantly, personalized trustworthy access to
premium mental wellness services. This is what drives us to do what we do,” said CEO and
Co-Founder, Ashraf Bacheet.

Hamzeh Abdul-Hadi, Principal at Hikma Ventures commented: “While COVID-19 has
accelerated adoption of digital health services, it has also contributed to a rise in mental health
issues such as loneliness, stress, anxiety, burnout, and more. We believe O7 Therapy is
well-positioned to address some of these problems and provide people with a trusted platform
for better health and wellbeing.” This is the first round Hikma has led in the MENA region.
When asked about O7 Therapy‘s recent progress, Ashraf Adel, Co-Founder O7 Therapy, said:
“This journey is over two decades in the making, and its success is due to the harmony of
leaders from different industries, all deeply invested in creating an accessible system to mental
healthcare in the region.”

“Our investment in mental wellbeing improves the lives of individuals in all areas of life; student
life, work, homes, family, friends, and even physical health. This in turn improves the
performance of entrepreneurs, SME’s, corporate and government employees, positively
affecting countries economically” said Nader Iskander, Co-Founder of O7 Therapy. Employee
Wellness Programs for organizations are provided through a unique B2B2E model, prioritizing
the impact of mental health challenges in the workplace, and focusing on raising awareness and
understanding, creating safe and supportive spaces, and implementing strategies that promote
mental wellbeing.