Author Showcase: Alexander Thomas

Tell Us Your Name And What You Do

Alex Thomas Sauriol. I’m both a writer (Alex Thomas) and tech entrepreneur. In my business career I founded a tech company focused on air traffic control technology. The company grew organically from an idea hatched in a coffee shop to having customers in over 30 countries. The company was acquired in 2017 by the UK National Air Traffic Service. This year I’ve started a new venture in sustainable aviation and urban air mobility.

Tell Us Your Background

I started computer programming at a young age – 8 or 9 I think. I coded as a hobby throughout my childhood and started my first venture in my late teens. I fell in love with entrepreneurship and this notion of turning ideas into businesses- the cut and thrust of competing in a crowded marketplace, building teams and executing on a vision.

What is your specialist skill?

I have developed a few skills over the years – today I would say I focus a lot on leadership/mentorship and innovation management.

Tell us about your book ‘Man In Motion’.

I’ve always been fascinated by the spiritual life and terms like ‘enlightenment’ but everything I read has generally been written by people removed from my everyday experience. The book is a rational exploration of love and wisdom by a busy entrepreneur/husband/father. It’s a personal, human story of life outside the boardroom – underneath the suit and the flashy watch.

How does it help business leaders and entrepreneurs?

I was once asked by someone on my management team if I could recommend a book on leadership. I told them to find a spiritual path and explore it. The spiritual life is about raising you life IQ – you evolve, become a better version of yourself and a better leader in the process. The spiritual process impacts creativity, courage, humility, clarity of thought, drive and resolve. These qualities are force multipliers for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

How can readers find out more about your book?

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East