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3 Pitfalls to watch in Communicating Training across Cultures

3 Pitfalls to watch in Communicating Training across Cultures

Delivering training can be challenging to those that understand us, but if you are like me and have a thick kiwi (New Zealand) accent, it can be even more challenging. On top of this in a multi-cultural melting pot such as Dubai, where employees are often from international locations, and may have been here either

Leadership and Management

Recently I was invited as a speaker to the NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Company) forum held in Dubai for some of their managers. The presentation covered “How to motivate teams to achieve company goals.” During the presentation, as we were discussing the skills required for a manager to achieve these goals, the question of Leadership

Is Your Company Training Effective?

Is training often effectively used? Recently during a session with one of my clients we were discussing the impact of training and its worth to the environment. Training in itself is something that is coveted by employees, they seek it sometimes not only for development, but also as a sense of recognition from their management