Michelle Strydom

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Michelle Strydom is a global sales expert destined to sell, lead and, coach With a sales career spanning over 20 years, Michelle Strydom, the founder of The SMG Group, is a brilliant and accomplished sales and business leader with an impeccable pedigree. She has mastered and honed her discipline at the coalface, as the head of multiple global sales and retention teams. Whilst most will say sales is difficult – Michelle will disagree – this is a profession that you not only can thrive in but also have fun whilst you reap the rewards of sales success. Having had zero understanding of what sales is all about, she went onto to become a top seller and Sales Leader on two continents. She now trains and coaches CEOs, Business Owners, Sales Leaders and Sales Managers who are struggling to improve their sales results, a highly effective and practical 8-step “Sales is Fun” process. She is also a certified Behavioral, Motivators and EQ Analyst with TTI Success Insights, and an Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach with Goleman EI. Her captivating energy, experience and passion for sales has entertained clients from all corners of the world. Michelle’s zest for life is “unquenchable” and she touches the hearts, spirits, and minds of all who come her way. Put it this way, once you have experienced her, you will never forget her!