Nancy Haines

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After a successful career in Human Resources, Nancy Haines, founded The Center of Confidence, based in Dubai. She is a confidence coach, corporate trainer, and host of her podcast The Art of Being You. As a dedicated confidence catalyst, she has created programs which focus on empowering women to reignite the belief in their inner power and unlock their highest potential. Nancy experienced multiple transformations that have allowed her to be a beacon of hope for others. Through overcoming many of life’s challenges, she found her passion to help others. During a pivotal trip to France, she experienced a metaphysical and spiritual renewal. There, she found her gifts, accepted her self-worth, and found a sense of peace that had been previously buried by her relentless self-doubt. Nancy focuses on supporting women by arming them with tools to face any situation. Her training programs and bespoke courses help to remove limiting beliefs while instilling new levels of confidence. She is proud to call herself an “Agent of Global Change.” She prides herself in creating transformations that empower women, helping them to shift their attention by focusing on confidence. She specializes in leadership, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and relationships via her unique coaching approach.