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Empathy, The Art of Understanding

Empathy, The Art of Understanding

Success is a relevant thing, but there is no doubt about one other thing, that the most successful people in life are the ones with the most empathy. Empathy is the art of putting yourself in other people’s shoes. You get to see what they see, and feel what they feel. This doesn’t mean that

Culture and ‘Cultured’

Culture is usually defined as being ‘characterized by refined taste, manners, and good education’. An indispensable addition to this definition in today’s ever growing world of international melting pots, would be the ability to use the stated ‘refined taste, manners, and good education’ in appreciating and coping with other culturally diverse tastes, manners and schools

Muse, or Multiple Intelligences?

“She can’t be writing from her head! Someone is telling her stuff!” “He can’t have gotten those ideas out of that tiny head! He’s a researcher/copier! That is what he is!” “Look how she deals with people! She is a hypocrite!” Some people seem to just know how to do it, say it, get it,

Leadership Intelligence and Employee Commitment

There is a huge and direct relation between the level of a leader’s intelligence and the level of commitment of his employees. This intelligence, whether logical, verbal, or interpersonal, is critical in making employees want to stay on the job, stay but feel detached and uncommitted, or simply leave the organization. Not ignoring the employee’s