Cartlow & EADA form strategic partnership to drive closed loop circular economy initiative

Cartlow, the pioneering Circular Commerce champion in the region, is embarking on a groundbreaking partnership with EADA, the Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC) owned by PIF. Together, they are set to unveil the region’s first advanced closed-loop circular economy solution, elevating sustainability practices by seamlessly integrating innovative technology to empower reuse, recycling, and the redesign of reverse supply chains.

The mission of this collaboration is to turbocharge the closed-loop ecosystem, making significant strides toward Saudi Vision 2030’s ambitious sustainability goals. It envisions a united effort dedicated to sustainable practices such as circular take-back: collecting, handling, and driving solutions to put materials into the recycling and circular loop under the umbrella of environmental responsibility.

Embracing the Circular shift, Mohammad Sleiman, the Founder & CEO at Cartlow stated: “This alliance is a game-changer! Together with EADA, we’re leading the regional transition from a linear to circular economy. Through our innovative tech, we will be steering the region towards a more sustainable and efficient future. It’s all about creating a resilient, eco-conscious world!”

EADA and Cartlow utilizing their combined strengths to make an impact. Zamel Sultan Al Sharani, the CEO at EADA, shares the enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled to partner with Cartlow in leading the charge for the regional circular economy. This alliance reflects our commitment to Saudi Vision 2030, blending cutting-edge tech into our operations. Together, we’re rewriting the rules for sustainable practices!”

This isn’t just an alliance – it’s a bold leap into transformation! Cartlow and EADA are on a mission to shape a sustainable and innovative circular economy, setting new benchmarks and leaving a lasting legacy in the regional markets. Get ready for a recycling revolution – this is just the beginning!