Museum of the Future hosts virtual reality workshop titled ‘A journey to the future’

The Museum of the Future, a pioneering hub for research and development as well as a global platform exploring future opportunities, invites young minds and pioneers of the future to embark on an enthralling journey through time. Dive into the marvels of technology, innovation, and imagination that will sculpt the world of tomorrow.

In collaboration with Geek Express, the first MENA-focused online tech school, the Museum of the Future extends a special invitation to aspiring young innovators for the upcoming workshop: ‘A Journey to the Future: Bringing Exhibits to Life with VR.’ This cutting-edge program offers futuristic STEM workshops utilizing the latest educational technology tools to equip the new generation with technical skills and ignite their passion for creation. Participants have the opportunity to explore various tech platforms, sparking their interest in technology while instilling creativity, curiosity, and essential coding skills.

Set against the backdrop of the museum’s awe-inspiring exhibits, this event will delve into capturing the essence of technology through 360-degree experiences, along with the opportunity to explore virtual reality and spatial computing.

What if the stunning exhibits at the Museum of the Future could leap beyond their physical confines into a world created by our future generation? Equipped with the magic of 360-degree cameras, participants are invited to capture the essence of the exhibits. Combining personal expression with digital artistry, the session allows young pioneers to transform the surroundings into an immersive virtual reality.

The adventure begins with a guided exploration of the museum’s marvels. As pioneers wander through the exhibits they are not just observers but creators too, gathering images that inspire. These moments then come alive in a VR world, using CoSpaces to add a dash of interactivity and animation. This isn’t just a digital workshop, but also a chance to unleash our pioneer’s creativity.