Case Study: Mindset – Bending Reality

Tell Us Your Name and What You Currently Do?

I’m Victoria Song, and I’m a Leadership Advisor to successful founders and CEOs of the fastest growing technology companies in Silicon Valley and celebrities with power, platform and influence. I’m also the author of the new book, Bending Reality: How to Make the Impossible Probable which teaches how to unlock the hidden power within your body to get what you want. As a speaker, I’ve shared the stage with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and have been featured in the WSJ, Forbes, Glamour, Shape and Boston Globe.

Tell Us About Your Background

I began my career as a venture capitalist investing in technology startups and was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for my success. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve had front row seats my entire life to what successful entrepreneurs to differently to win. After studying at Yale University and Harvard Business School, I trained with over 24 of the best coaches, therapists and alternative healers in the world and bring this unique blend of business, leadership, and self-development acumen to my clients.

What Is Your Specialist Skill?

I help my clients make the impossible probable, by cultivating the right physical and mental state required to bend reality in the direction they want. As a result, my clients feel calm, confident and energized as they scale their multibillion-dollar companies and inspire their teams with their vision and leadership – all the while enjoying a personal life they love.

I selectively work with CEOs, scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs who have missions I’d like to amplify in the world such as global transformation of human health and supporting humans to live in harmony with nature. From selling a company for $4 billion, growing revenue 1000% during a pandemic, building the first electric, foiling, self-driving boat, to designing a more effective Covid vaccine, my clients are making the impossible probable.

What is The Best Strategy You Have Implemented? Take Us Step By Step Through Why It Was A Success

The first upgrade I share with all my clients is the following, and is an excerpt from my new book, Bending Reality: How to Make the Impossible Probable:

Right now, I want you to imagine feeling scared, sad, threatened, powerless, or helpless. 

Imagine feeling unworthy, not enough, a failure, lonely, unlovable…

And tell me what that feels like in your body. 

Let yourself really go there. 

This is contraction. 

Feel this contraction and then turn it up to 100 percent so you can really get to know it. Many clients can feel their chest tightening, shallow breathing, buzzing in their head, a hot face, tightening in the stomach or throat, heat, dry mouth, tunnel vision, and tensing muscles. Some go numb and disassociate, others are vigilant, while still others move into a fetal position.

Now imagine creating from this space of contraction. How much inspiration, creativity, and possibility do you have access to from here? From this closed-off place, we tend to feel judgmental, impatient, and sure that our point of view is right. From here, we often express John Gottman’s Four Deadly Horsemen of criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling. When our body is in contraction, our nervous system is overactivated, and it’s easy to trigger our fight-flight-freeze response when threats to our ego identity feel like threats to our physical safety. Uncertainty creates fear of the unknown, which can quickly turn into panic… 

Now I want you to imagine feeling open, trusting, fulfilled, happy, or grateful.

Imagine feeling powerful, unstoppable, abundant, wise, confident, free…

What does that feel like in your body? 

Many clients can feel their chest open up, slower and fewer breaths, their chin up, a straighter posture, excited, alive, grounded, relaxed, solid, and strong.

This is expansion.

Feel this expansion and then turn it up to 100 percent so you can really get to know it.

Now imagine creating from this space of expansion. How much inspiration, creativity, and possibility do you have access to from here? From this open place, we tend to feel curious, trusting, optimistic, growth-oriented, playful, spontaneous, collaborative, willing to see things from another perspective. While in contraction, we only see problems. In expansion, we see solutions. We see opportunities. It’s the difference between having access to a hammer versus a Swiss army knife. In contraction, our focus is on protection and safety. In expansion, our focus is on creation and connection.”

1st Code to Bending Reality

Recognize where you are: “Am I contracted or expanded right now?”

All the tools and techniques I teach my clients support them in spending less time in contraction and more time in expansion. Expansion is the state from which you can bend reality.

What Do You Recommend Our Readers Do With This Strategy?

You can ask yourself this question throughout the day. Each time you ask, you’ll instantly get an answer. One thing I love about this is you don’t need anyone or anything to tell you if you’re feeling contracted or expanded. You don’t need to wear a biometric device to know. You’ll receive instant feedback to every thought, feeling, and action: contraction or expansion?

Notice how much time you spend in each state, and how long you allow yourself to feel either in your system. Are you creating and living more from expansion or contraction? Access to your supernatural abilities is determined by how much access you have to expansion. Your rate of expansion and its upper limits are determined by all the places you are holding any contraction.

Imagine what would be possible if you knew how to live and operate from expansion all the time? To learn how, pre-order Bending Reality: How to Make the Impossible Probable now at