Company Spotlight: Alice Weightman, Founder & CEO- The Work Crowd

Tell us more about The Work Crowd.

We are global network of professional freelancers, working across the marketing mix. Our digital platform connects businesses to expert talent from within our network to best support their business needs, from copy writers to social media, events and PR pro’s we have it covered. Think of The Work Crowd as your flexible, outsourced global marketing team. As well as local talent from within the region, we also provide businesses with access to the experts they need, across the UK, Europe and the USA. Our tech instantly matches you to the talent you need, with built in features such as a video platform, invoicing, timesheets and contracts, all to make the process of hiring, onboarding and retaining your freelances more simple and cost effective than ever before.

What made you set-up The Work Crowd?

I have been in recruitment for 20 years, having founded Hanson Search, a global marketing and communications headhunting company. I saw how the world of work was changing, people wanted greater flexibility and businesses needed more diversity of skills and talent in their marketing functions, but often on a project basis. This was the start of a real shift in the supply and demand of talent. McKinsey did a report that showed by 2027, 50% of the work force would be working independently. Passionate about the role technology plays in innovation, I felt building a tech platform to solve the problem of how to connect this decentralised workforce with businesses would bring scale and speed, and be more cost effective for companies.

How do you help entrepreneurs and business leaders?

We provide them with a flexible, dynamic marketing solution, whether that be a single freelancer or a multi-functional team, that can adjust and grow with their business needs. By providing access to global marketing faster and smarter than before, we also save businesses time and money, allowing them to focus on their core function. We also provide a platform for freelancers to find work, build their businesses and collaborate, learn and engage. This creates a powerful ecosystem of growth. Also, our multiple currency payment gateway helps with global transactions and businesses can manage all their freelancers and invoices in one place.

Which client projects have been a success?

We worked with a tech start-up business who needed to amplify their brand globally as part of a new launch. Through the platform they hired 11 freelancers across the UAE, Europe, UK and USA – made up of writers, PRs and Social media experts – their story broke through the internet and went viral, driving traffic to their site and subscription sign-ups.

How can our readers find out more about you?

Sign up to and register your interest or arrange for a community manager to call you back.

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