Company Spotlight: Brian Mayne

Tell us more about your business and how it all started

A little more than 20 years ago someone shared with me the simple secrets of success and how to set goals correctly and I have been teaching others ever since. In the last 20 years my Goal Mapping system has reached more than 3 million people; helping organisations achieve their targets, students gain greater grades, sportspeople win medals, and individuals everywhere turn their dreams into realities.

Tell us more about your background

I was born into a travelling funfair family and didn’t attend school very often. I dropped out of education completely at age 13 with no qualifications, little ability to read or write, and worked full time for the family amusements business. When the family business went broke life for me looked very bleak. I had no income, no home, no qualifications with massive debts and not able to read or write properly. It was at this seemingly dark point in my life that I was shown the power of positive thinking and how to achieve goals. Within one year I had taught myself to read well, excelled in my work, begun paying off my debts and had begun a new career teaching what I had learnt to others.

What made you launch your own business?

Since the beginning of teaching my Goal Mapping system people have praised it for its simplicity and power in helping then achieve their goals and have recommended it to others. This naturally helped the system spread from England to other countries in Europe and around the world and now Goal Mapping is taught in more than 20 countries and is translated into many languages.

What Has Made Your Business A Success In The Region?

The translation of my Goal mapping books and the Certified Practitioner training of other coaches, teachers, therapists, trainers and managers has been the main enabler for the organic spread of Goal mapping.

How Does Your Business Help Organisations?

Goal Mapping is helping organisations in every area of operation and at every level from Leadership and Management to grassroots entry level by helping people be at their best, develop the winning attitudes of success and achieve their targets.

What Recent Clients Have You Worked With?

Microsoft, Siemens, Disney, Coco-Cola and Barclays Bank are just some of the global organisations using Goal Mapping, there are thousands of other small business also benefiting from the universal support and development this programme brings.

What Do You Recommend Our Readers Do With Goal Mapping?

Go create your own Goal Map, either using the free software at www, or download the free paper templates and guide at

How Can Readers Find Out More About Your Company?

Read more, book workshops, buy products and access free resources at: Email for a full information pack at:

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