Company Spotlight: Mountain High

Julie Lewis is the Founder of Mountain High based in Abu Dhabi.

Tell Us More About You?

I am speaker, adventurer and peak performance coach with a strong focus on personal leadership, in particular around resilience, health and wellness. For the last 12 years I have been training and leading multi-national teams of men and women on global expeditions to over 20 countries to include the Arctic and Antarctica, running corporate retreats and workshops and speaking on a variety of topics to include goal setting, pushing boundaries, essential leadership traits, resilience, confidence, stress management, mindfulness and Zen warrior training.

I have been in the UAE for 16 years and launched my business in Dubai in 2003, spent two years in Hong Kong and am now based in Abu Dhabi licensed through twofour54.

Why Made You Launch Your Training Company?

I am passionate about working with people and teams and seeing them flourish as a result of training. It’s great to see how many more companies are realizing that the mental and emotional resilience along with the health and wellness of their staff plays a massive role in the overall success of the company.

How we think, eat, move and sleep affects everything we do, I believe that once we have these fours keys to peak performance in balance and harmony then we are much more capable of meeting and rising to the challenges of work and life. I am a great believer in creating better work-life balance, setting healthy boundaries and setting exciting goals based on solid core values that then become the driving force behind positive and consistent action towards the summit – be it a real or metaphorical mountain.

My background in Sports Science, Mindfulness, NLP and Stress Management, blended with my own mountain climbing, adventure, sports and life experiences offers a unique and effective mix to offer to clients wishing to explore and unlock their highest potential.

How Does Your Business Help Organizations?

Through my keynotes, workshops, retreats, expeditions and extensive work and life experiences I am able to guide and inspire companies to break any perceived boundaries, challenge themselves, recognize and play to their individual and team strengths, visualize and focus on what they want and take charge of their physical, mental, emotional strength and resilience. In short, to be fit to lead and lead by example.

What Recent Projects Have You Implemented?

It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients from all industry sectors, educational institutions and NGO’s.

I have lead over 50 successful expeditions with teams and have had super results from retreats and workshops that have focused on corporate wellness and resilience – it’s great to see how making small changes to how someone thinks, eats, moves and sleeps has such a massive impact on their performance in business, sports and life!

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