CoorB, for financial technology, launches its operations in three key markets in the Middle-East

CoorB, the company specializing in information technology and digital financial services, has just announced the launch of its operations in three key markets in the Middle East and Africa: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. Through its cost-efficient solutions, CoorB aims to assist these markets in rapidly transforming into digital economies and enhance the digital presence of banks and financial institutions.

The expansion strategy in the Middle East and Africa is powered by the expertise of its founding partners, which extends over 40 years in the technology and digital financial services sectors across more than 10 markets around the globe, including the US, Europe, and the Middle East. The company is backed by a sizable infrastructure encompassing more than 500 specialized experts.

The ownership structure of CoorB is divided among three main shareholders:

CME has 40 years of experience in providing enterprise-grade technology solutions. The company has worked with over 100 clients worldwide, including top Fortune 500 companies, and serves 80 million users on a daily basis.

Yasser Zaidan has over three decades of experience in entrepreneurship, strategic planning, product innovation, and customer experience.

Ahmed Gaber has over two decades of experience in the financial technology sector, notably in GCC countries, the Middle East, and North Africa. He also held major roles at Visa and The ENTERTAINER.

Through its collaboration with governmental organizations, banks, non-banking financial institutions, and mobile network operators, CoorB aims to accelerate digital transformationenhance business growth and efficiencycreate comprehensive digital platformsautomate operationsleverage data and analytics to provide insights for informed decision-makingimprove user experience, and offer innovative solutions for mobile operators in the financial sectorCoorB also delivers security and compliance solutions, as part of its offerings.

Carole Alsharabati, Chairperson of CoorB‘s Board of Directors, stated: “We are striving to develop sustainable and advanced technology in the Middle East that contributes to economic growth and development throughout the region. This can be achieved by combining the latest and greatest technologies with the next generation’s vision for financial services.” She added: “We create solutions that not only benefit businesses but also make a positive difference in the lives of people. With that, we envision a future where our innovations set new standards on a global scale.”

Ahmed Gaber, CEO of CoorB, said: “We understand all the challenges and disparities facing the adoption of technology in businesses. Therefore, we specialize in building impactful digital solutions and modernizing the infrastructure of banks and financial sectors within weeks, without the need to replace their existing technological assets. This enables them to perform faster and more efficiently at significantly lower costs.” He added: “We seek to overcome the limitations of legacy systems and leverage modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide clients with solutions and services that compete with the world’s leading technology providers.”

About CoorB: What traditionally takes years, CoorB achieves in weeks!

CoorB is a professional services company specializing in technology and digital financial services that offers innovative solutions to governmental organizations, banks, non-banking financial institutions, and mobile network operators. It boasts diverse expertise and is backed by a robust infrastructure comprising 500 experts and leading industry partners. Its varied catalog of offerings covers business strategy, program management, and future-proof technology solutions that overcome the limitations of legacy systems without the need for a complete overhaul.

With its prolific background in the tech sector, CoorB helps businesses and organizations keep up with the latest advancements and ensures that technology serves the right business goals. Its rapid mobilization of resources and unique problem-solving approach drive it to achieve meaningful results within weeks.

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Some Background:

“By monitoring how organizations and businesses implement technology solutions, we have noticed that the gap between the speed and success of said solutions often does not derive solely from technological challenges, such as integration and security, but also from a lack of human skills.

At CoorB, we start by tackling legacy systems-related issues and employing advanced technologies. We then proactively tend to reduce the human skills gap, streamline processes, overcome efficiency barriers, and increase the success rate of technology adoption.” – Ahmed Gaber, CEO of CoorB.

CoorB’s Board of Directors:

The diverse and multinational backgrounds of CoorB‘s leadership team are essential to its success, as each member brings a unique blend of skills and expertise, contributing to the company’s strong and integrated approach to digital banking and fintech.

Carole Alsharabati:

Co-founder and Chairperson of CoorB, Carole Alsharabati’s distinguished professional career and diverse expertise spans a wide range, from academia to technology leadership. As a professor at Saint Joseph University in Beirut since 2000, she continuously shares her knowledge in macroeconomics and game theory as well as serves as the director of the Institute of Political Science. Carole co-founded CME Offshore, demonstrating her expertise in innovative technology solutions as well as entrepreneurship. Her role in Siren Analytics and Associates also attests to her substantial contributions to public sector consultancy.

Ahmed Gaber:

Ahmed Gaber, Co-founder and CEO of CoorB, is recognized for his strong leadership in the financial technology sector. With over 23 years of experience, including leading roles at The ENTERTAINER and at Visa, he has built a robust expertise in digital payment financial solutions and strategic partnerships. Ahmed has helped develop payment infrastructure and enhance financial inclusion across multiple markets. His unique approach combines business management with a focus on customer-centric solutions, leading to building a competitive advantage, increased loyalty, and sustainable revenue growth.

Yasser Zaidan:

Yasser Zaidan, Co-founder and Executive Board Member of CoorB, has an impressive career, leading in various areas like entrepreneurship, technology, and corporate governance. As President of the Zaidan Group, he is proficient at corporate acquisitions and strategic partnerships. During his time as CEO of Tawzih-Black Berry-Distribution Co., he pioneered a nationwide mobile distribution business, achieving remarkable growth. Also, his tenure as Executive Vice President at Itsalat International Company showcased his adept management across the Middle East and Africa operations.

Wissam Youssef:

Wissam Youssef, Co-founder and Executive Board Member of CoorB, has over 20 years of experience in technology and business. As a Co-founder and CEO at CME Offshore SAL, Wissam has been instrumental in the company’s growth from its inception to becoming a multinational firm with over 500 engineers and a user base of 80 million. His expertise is spread across various tech domains, including software development, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). His leadership in CME has led to significant contributions to product design and customer experience, earning the company recognition and patents in the tech industry.