First floating villa launched as part of Kempinski Floating Palace

El Bahrawy Group, a leading marine construction group in the UAE and the Middle East, has unveiled “Neptune”, the first floating and mobile villa as part of the “Kempinski Floating Palace” resort project, in a groundbreaking move that marks a new era of luxury living and sustainability in the UAE.

Initiated tree years ago, the prestigious Kempinski Floating Palace project features a floating hotel surrounded by 48 luxury mobile villas, boasting an estimated market value of AED1.6 billion upon its completion. The Neptune villa is the second addition to El Bahrawy Group’s portfolio of floating villas in the region.

The groundbreaking announcement was made during a special event that brought together an elite group of businessmen and media representatives at the Palm’s Asateer Tent in Dubai.

The unveiling of the Neptune villa aligns with the Group’s overarching strategy to construct floating residential units that seamlessly merge luxury and sustainability, all while preserving flexibility and privacy.

As part of this initiative, eight residences, out of a total of 48 Neptune villas available in 2, 3, and 4-bedroom configurations, are currently in the final stages of completion. The residences promise tenants an unparalleled and extraordinary experience of living on the surface of water, replete with unprecedented amenities and possibilities. 

Mohamed El Bahrawy, Chairman of El Bahrawy Group, said: “Since the inception of the project, our main focus has been on creating a distinctive and unparalleled experience that caters to the diverse needs of our discerning customers. The project’s success is evident through the significant interest it has garnered from investors across various Arab and Western nations. This overwhelming response serves as the driving force behind our decision to expand the project, offering an increased number of floating villas in various sizes.”

In his speech, Khamis Soliman, CEO of El Bahrawy Group, said: “Our commitment is to achieve requirements for sustainability and further incorporate sustainability into all our projects, ensuring that we uphold the exceptional standards of quality and luxury synonymous with Dubai and the UAE.”

“The escalating attention from global investors attests to its success and has motivated us to expand our offerings, introducing a broader range of floating villa sizes than initially envisioned,” he added.

The Neptune villa features a two-story layout plus a rooftop, collectively spanning 6,300 square feet, or 2,100 square feet per level. The ground floor accommodates a living room, an open-concept dining area, a kitchen, a guest restroom, a crew chamber, a service room, a cockpit, an outdoor seating space, and a platform designed for storing and launching jet skis. The upper level is composed of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The rooftop is embellished with a private infinity swimming pool encircled by glass walls, alongside outdoor seating, a designated barbecue area, an external driving control station, and a display screen.

Anchored in the Dubai Palm Marina, the Neptune villa has the capability to cruise at a speed of 6 to 8 knots per hour, thanks to its eco-friendly engines that also have the option of operating on electric power.

The engines not only power the villa but also have the capacity for waste recycling and seawater desalination. Furthermore, the mobile and floating residences boast exceptional and cutting-edge features that are sure to captivate aficionados of luxury.  

The villa presents a wealth of premium amenities, delivering ultimate luxury and comfort. From an interior design that embodies the epitome of elegance and quality to lavish furnishings and top-tier hotel services, every detail is curated for a luxurious experience.

Advanced technological systems further enhance the villa’s appeal, enabling smart control of lighting and temperature, along with convenient access to entertainment screens via mobile devices. Moreover, the engineering design is meticulously crafted to ensure the villa’s steadfast stability and resistance to waves during movement.