Dubai Chamber of Commerce supports growth of Chinese logistics company in Dubai

With the support of Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Chinese logistics company J&T Express has expanded its operations in Dubai and leveraged the emirate as a strategic hub to access other markets in the region.

Since the establishment of J&T Middle East in Dubai last year, the company has grown from 5 employees to 380 employees and now operates a fleet of 220 delivery vans. Over AED 30 million has been invested by J&T Middle East UAE since its first delivery.

The expansion comes after Dubai Chamber of Commerce’s Shenzhen Office facilitated J&T’s Express with its entry into the Dubai market, assisting the company with everything from market information, due diligence, laws and regulation to free zone selection and licensing.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce’s international offices focus their efforts on attracting promising companies that can support the development of Dubai’s digital economy and other key sectors, while they identify business opportunities in emerging markets in Africa, Eurasia and Latin America that offer the most potential for Chamber members.