Entrepreneur Spotlight: Abrahamic Business Circle

Tell Us About Your Background.

I am an investor, author, professor, lobbyist, and philanthropist.  I dedicated my life to business and I am a proud father of 5 children.

I grew up in a family where the environment revolves around investments and business. My late father was an Executive Director in a bank before setting up his own Real Estate Company.

I’ve always believed that I could transform the world into a better place by using my economic knowledge. That is why I decided to study Economics and Law. 

In April 2021, I was granted by US-based University, California Metropolitan University (CMU), a recognition of Doctor of Business Administration, DBA (Honoris Causa), for my significant contribution to economic diplomacy in the Middle East by stimulating businesses across the region.

I founded The Abrahamic Business Circle in September 2020 right after the signing of the Abraham Accords.  The idea was inspired by the Abrahamic Family House, a vision that was signed in February 2019.  A document of Human Fraternity which is a beacon of mutual understanding, harmonious coexistence, and peace among people of faith and goodwill.

Even in my busy days, I was able to find time to write and published several books. One of my famous and highly acclaimed books is the  Turbocapitalism: the masters of bankcruptcy (Kant Ediciones, Spain-2017).  A work in which I propose a change to achieve a system that manages to civilize capitalism from personal ethics. The latest book I have written,  Riding the Wild Tiger – Covid 19, Challenges and Opportunities, Describes a contemporary setting of my views and thoughts on how we all can overcome unknown challenges in time of pandemonium.

What Interesting And Successful Projects Have You Been Involved In?

Real estate bought at the right moment and the right price. In Berlin, I bought the former headquarters of the Luftwaffe (German air force in the Second World War) in 2010 and converted it into a nanotechnology manufacturing plant, and then sold the building to an investor. I wanted to change a negative part of history into something positive for the future. 

Why Did You Found The Abrahamic Business Circle?

The name of The Abrahamic Business Circle was inspired by the existence of the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi. The olive branch of the logo is circled with three segments representing the three major Abrahamic religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Each of them maintains its own identity while showing that they are united. In each of the aforementioned religious creeds, the olive tree has represented peace for a long time.

At The Abrahamic Business Circle, we believe that if we promote economic diplomacy, business people can positively influence working within the framework of a stable and lasting peace agreement between the region. We have founded the entity to create a global business group since we consider that the collaboration of companies is a crucial strategy for maintaining a solid and permanent peace. Our main idea is to build large business bridges from the Middle East and, of course, globally.

How Can The Abrahamic Business Circle Help Entrepreneurs And Leaders?

Today, we have members from more than 56 nationalities. The Abrahamic Business Circle is a global network to stimulate and promote businesses with a worldwide vocation. 

Our members can network with each other on a global level. For example, recently, an Israeli company has started working closely with a UAE-based company ironically owned by a Palestinian. The happy result is that an Israeli businessman is working shoulder to shoulder with a Palestinian person in business across the UAE bridge. This is incredibly beautiful because apart from being a virtuous model of cooperation, it touches my heart because this is my personal dream.

As the Chairman of The Abrahamic Business Circle, our main objective is to stimulate businesses because I personally believed that through business, we bring closer relationships, and through them, friendship finally arises. With that same friendship will show the rest of the world that, although we exhibit cultural, religious, or other differences, we can still work together to share common values ​​that rest on the basis of respect, tolerance, and cultural exchange. And, in my opinion, the best example of this is the great country, the UAE.

What Is Your Main Goal For The Abrahamic Business Circle For The Next Three Years?

In The Abrahamic Business Circle, we plan to organize conferences throughout the current and future years to share our global network of contacts and experiences to our members.

We want to cover all sectors in the industries and bring business people together and the right Advisory members who will serve as mentors.  Also, an additional group in the organization are being added, the Ambassadors and Attaché, who will be the carrier of the brand to continuously promote our advocacy in fostering Economic Diplomacy in a global scale.

We believe that the Middle East has a louder voice with a great future here, alongside with its economic challenges, it needs a dedicated platform. Our biggest dream for the upcoming years is to organize big annual conventions in every part of the world, similar to the World Economic Forum. In it, high-level speakers and different think tank from all over the world will be able to share their views and engage in a rich and fruitful dialogue.

How Can Readers Find Out More About You?

They can follow me on my LinkedIn account: H.E. Dr. Dr. h.c.Raphael Nagel (https://www.linkedin.com/in/h-e-dr-dr-h-c-raphael-nagel-619988b8/)

or my personal website:   http://www.raphaelnagel.com/

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East