Entrepreneur Spotlight: Dariush Soudi

Tell us about your background.

I am a dedicated, passion-driven businessman who believes in supporting young entrepreneurs in materializing their dreams of a success and a purposeful life. I spent my childhood facing different challenges in Iran and England that taught me to be more resilient and strategic. I remember, not very long ago, I was attacked in my own house in England that led to trauma and heart attack, but I was able to move out securely with my family and settle in Dubai in 2009. Dubai proves to be the land of opportunities as it’s a business-friendly economic system offering delightful achievements and thrilling experiences to entrepreneurs. My experiences have taught me many lessons: growth is inevitable if you are working towards it for one. Trauma and disappointments are the bumps that help you move upwards and make life a success. I believe in learning from experiences. I love challenges and enjoy winning. Be Unique Group is one of my very successful ventures that is growing exponentially in Dubai, New York, London, and Sydney. It has served thousands of companies from a variety of industries in building their brand presence with a difference. I am also running our hospitality venture and a crypto exchange.

What drives you as an entrepreneur and business leader?

The desire to fulfil my full potential is my driving force. I have an enthusiasm about life and I want to give every deserving opportunity the best shot. I want to have a positive effect on as many people’s lives as possible, especially, people who are struggling, are not resourceful, and are underprivileged. I have been there, and, therefore, I wish to extend support. I believe that abundance is everybody’s right. Everybody shall have it.

What interesting and successful projects have you been involved in?

I believe when you start a business, you must, somehow, break the status quo. You must do something different. For instance, you must add more value to the market place; inspire people to work for you and fight the same cause as you do. You must work relentlessly towards your vision so that your prospects find it convincing and attractive to buy in to your vision. It is then that they will spend their hard-earned money to buy your services or products. The majority of my best projects have centred on this strategy of enabling entrepreneurs to do more and win more. I can honestly say that every business, I have ever been involved in, has been exciting. From health and beauty to computers, software, mobile phones and business consultancy – I have hundreds of stories to share. I can inspire millions of budding entrepreneurs towards making their best wins possible; and I enjoy that.

Why are a lot of entrepreneurs afraid of selling?

Many entrepreneurs are afraid of selling because they do not see it from the right perspective. They do not believe in what they are selling for one thing. Secondly, they are thinking about the cash: the prospect is the king as he is spending money with them. This is not the best approach. I believe an entrepreneur must have a positive association with money. When they are selling to their prospects, they should offer more value so that their prospects feel that they are being favoured. I value what I am offering the buyers, therefore, they value it equally and feel privileged when I am servicing them. Remember, the key is, people pay for value!

What is the best way to develop a sales mindset?

Sales mindset comes from practice. Sales is a numbers game. The more rejections we get (and its never personal) the better we get at the skill of selling, and it takes us a step closer to the next deal. Most sales people do not practice enough and they wonder why they lack confidence. My message for the sales professionals and even entrepreneurs is that they must learn from their failures and grow, regardless of the pain that comes through the process of learning and facing rejections. They must practice. Learning should remain their ultimate goal. The more they learn and practice the better they will get at it.

What is the ONE key thing an entrepreneur can start doing to get better at selling?

Role play every situation with friends, colleagues and family. Role plays are free and don’t cost you great prospects. Role play could be boring for some, but it is an essential for practice. You learn while you play at no risk.

What is the difference between selling B2B compared to selling B2C?

When you sell to the consumer, there are two aspects, one they come to buy your product (then you are not selling but taking order); the other you have to persuade them to buy from you. In the first case, it is easier for you to close the deal as the consumer has the intention and readiness to buy; in the second, you have to rely heavily on your persuasion skills. Often with the consumer the decision-making process is made by two people or the family, therefore, you have to prepare a strategy to convince more than one person.

How can readers find out more about you?

Readers may follow me on LinkedIn @Dariushsoudi and Instagram @dariushsoudiofficial

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East