Entrepreneur Spotlight – Noora Fikree

Tell us about yourself and your venture, how did you take your start?

Answer: I am Noora Fikree, a fashion enthusiast, yes but I am more than that. My journey as an entrepreneur began in 2015 when I stepped into the business world with my product line in beauty under the brand name Dollface Beauty. It is the one of the first UAE brand in Mink Lashes. Dollface Beauty became an instant success as the products are much in demand due to their superior quality. I participated in many Dubai based exhibitions and fashion events to ensure good public exposure for Dollface Beauty.

In 2017, I launched fashion and lifestyle exhibitions under a new brand entitled, Al Misk Events. Al Misk events launched elaborate fashion shows and exhibitions that brought together hundreds of fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands. These exhibitions gained global popularity and very soon Al Misk Events started attracting vendors and exhibitors from various countries such as Saudi, Kuwait and Turkey. These brands brought high quality products and services to Dubai.

When the Covid-19 disrupted the conventional ways of running events, exhibits and business, Al Misk Events evolved into Al Misk Group. Al Misk boutique allows consumers to interact in multiple ways with various brands online. Consumers may shop, avail deals and even collaborate for business online.

What makes Al Misk Group different from other businesses in Dubai beauty industry?

Al Misk group has been founded with the vision of bringing more old and new brands to the UAE. It was initially an exhibition and events company in the UAE but now in 2021 it is expanding its scope of business by launching an online global E-commerce platform. I am delighted to announce the launch of Al Misk Boutique E-commerce platform this September. The platform is open to include multiple brands who could from lifestyle, home décor, fashion and apparel, beauty, travel, wellness and personal care, tech accessories, food and nutrition and many more.

Unlike any other brand in the UAE, it is open to introduce any brand in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wellness, travel and retail niche in Dubai. It is an online platform where brands may have own boutiques, influencers may collaborate with brands, companies may market themselves to dedicated global audience. The vastness of its scope makes it unique. The very fact that brands may find buyers, collaborators, influencers, and events under this single umbrella makes it very attractive.

That was all about Al Misk and business, let us know more about you as a person.

I am a woman with a vision and a purpose. I strongly believe that every woman or let us say a person must have a vision and a purpose. These two will drive her in the direction towards fulfillment and happiness. The vision will keep her going towards her goals and have the zest and the courage to materialize the dreams. The purpose will keep her rooted and moving in the right direction. The sense of belonging will also rise from purpose.

As a person I am focused and I have aligned my actions towards my mission and my goals. I am dedicated to my purpose and I am working towards my larger vision of building a larger business platform in Dubai. I am working on attracting multiple global brands towards Dubai through Al Misk. I believe in sustaining balance. I believe every woman entrepreneur must have balance in her life, that is the work-life-balance. I divide my time between work, myself and my family. I am a mother of three children. All my free time is spent with my children and family. I have learned to strike a balance between my work life and my personal life.

What drives you? What is your why?

My purpose is to ensure that people’s lives are easy, comfortable, and fulfilling. I want to ensure that everybody around us is able to have the access to an aesthetically beautiful and fulfilling life. My efforts in Al Misk Group are to make better lives possible. My business is all about serving people and taking care of their day-to-day human needs. It is the desire to serve humanity that brought me forward to build it up. That drives me to work every day and plan for Al Misk Group activities such as connecting with brands and organizing exhibitions.

What inspired you to go into fashion and lifestyle industry?

My passion for self-care, fashion and beauty combined with my interest in business. I studied finance and business management, so my understanding of how business is run and made successful came from my education and my interest in fashion and lifestyle industry came from my powerful attraction towards aesthetics and fashion.

How can readers find out more about you?

Readers may connect with me via Al Misk group on our website www.almisk.ae

They may connect with me on LinkedIn easily: @Noora-Ahmed-Fikree

Or my Instagram @noorafikree_official

Editor-In-Chief of Bizpreneur Middle East